Wonderful 20 Indoor Garden Design For Healthy And Cool Air Ideas

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You are a forest lover or maybe you can say that nature lovers have a natural beauty. Or you have a hobby of exploring that raises your love for plants and all the factors about nature.

If it is true you will probably feel comfortable if your room, your decor like a forest that may be able to generate comfort in your room. And add your love to nature, because your room is full of forest features.

Then to be able to decorate a room to look like a forest or a wilderness. You can try the following inspiration. Where you can create a miniature forest in your own room that can make your room look like natural.

Indoor Jungle 2

Indoor Jungle 2

But even so with the decoration does not reduce the comfort of the room. Because that is usually made in a jungle room is a relaxing space. Because with this decoration space for you to relax can feel more fresh and beautiful.

Freshness in the room is produced from plants that exist in the room. The more plants that are in your room the more mama fresh and plenty of oxygen produced. The following is an example of inspiration in indoor decoration :

How? looks comfortable and beautiful, is not it? will certainly add comfort to your room and freshness.

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