Fabulous Boxwood Landscaping Ideas to Add Green Beauty to Your Home

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Do you know what is the backbone of the Southern gardens for centuries? The answer is Boxwood and now, new selections are giving great solutions for people who want to create their own landscape with whatever designs that they love.

Boxwood is included in the Buxus genus having about 70 various different species and hundreds cultivars. It can get bigger and grow faster and has more pointed leaves than dwarf English boxwood.

Fabulous Boxwood Landscaping Ideas (32)

Boxwood is so lovable to welcome your guests at the door and present a sense of surprise and delight when clipped and trained into parterres.

What you can do with a fully mature Boxwood is creating an oval shape to help produce a point of visual interest and also a design statement. However, if you have some, you can spread out them in the backyard or put them in individual pots for smaller spheres.

Today, we’d like to share you about Fabulous Boxwood Landscaping Ideas to Add Green Beauty to Your Home through this following Boxwood gallery!

Fabulous Boxwood Landscaping Ideas to Green Beauty to Your Home

Elegant when used individually and sublime as companion plants, Boxwood offer you amazing versatility in any gardening ideas. So, are you ready to bring Boxwood into your garden?

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