Creative Ways to Name Your Plants with DIY Garden Markers

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Are you really excited to dig soil and plant some seeds to create your own garden with favorite and useful plants? Well, gardening is a fun project to do but, sometimes, we just forget about some details that can be so important to help us organize the garden.

Do you think that you remember all the plants you grown in your garden? some people may have a good awareness of what they have grown in the garden but, some may just plants many seeds without recognizing the plants’ names.

Creative DIY Garden Marker and Label Ideas 17

Hence, labeling your plants can be a great way to remember all plants you grow in the garden. Garden markers are not items that you should buy on shops because it is quick and easy to make by yourself.

You can use re-purposing everyday items such as cans, forks, shells, rocks, woods, pebbles, bamboo skewers, ice cream sticks or even broken terracotta pots. Pour your imagination to draw and paint some cute characters on the materials or you can just put the names on the garden markers you already made just to make sure what you have grown.

If you need some inspiration to help you start your own garden marker project, we have Creative Ways to Name Your Plants with DIY Garden Markers that we have collected around the web below!

Creative Ways to Name Your Plants with DIY Garden Markers

Now, you won’t feel like you get displaced and wonder what I have growing where until the plants sprout. You can make simple or complex, plain or fancy garden markers that suit to your interest and needs.

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