25+ Beautiful Narrow Side Yard Design for Simple Side Yard Garden Ideas

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Choosing a landscape design for your home side yard is not an easy task. The plan calls for symmetrical landscapes that have geometric shapes, therefore tend to have a more formal appearance.

Classic The traditional landscape design is one of the most commonly used styles for the front yard as it complements a variety of architectural styles, including Colonial, Craftsman and Tudor English.

You have limited territory to play, so make every part of the plan count. Outdoor seating areas should be found farther from home to give the impression of a larger yard. You can take advantage of side fence as a medium to plant vertical plants. So you just save space.

Narrow Side Yard Design Ideas 019

Narrow Side Yard Design Ideas 019

Avoid placing large flower pots beside your house if you have a narrow space as it will add a narrow side yard of your home. Use a small flowerpot or you plant the plant directly on the ground without using a pot. Here’s the idea of a side yard of your home that will inspire you:

It took a brilliant idea to finish a narrow home side yard. More than just planting trees because if we are not smart in the use of narrow land it will add a narrower land.

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