12 Adorable Contemporary Garden Designs You Must See

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Contemporary gardens rely on repetition of plants and design motifs for sustainability. In contemporary gardens, you will often find plants in a continuous line or with lots of space around them which allows them to be seen as individual elements.

Houses that apply contemporary gardens will add the impression of beauty and health because there are plants. This is the adorable contemporary garden landscape ideas you should see!

Contemporary Garden Designs

Contemporary Garden Designs

1. Hardscaping Garden Ideas

Materials are often natural in texture and color, such as slate, large and small stones, and gravel. Mulch can even look modern, with colored slate or stone that serves as a ground cover. The material produced is also used in creative ways, with metals, glass, and tiles to add color or reflect light.

Awesome Fresh Modern Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Awesome Fresh Modern Backyard Landscaping Ideas – source: trendhmdcr.com

Delightful Garden Flower Ideas

Delightful Garden Flower Ideas – source: mp3libre.xyz

Inexpensive Hardscape Ideas

Inexpensive Hardscape Ideas – source: hardscaperogakino.blogspot.com

Tropical Landscape Designs

Tropical Landscape Designs – source: tr.pinterest.com

2. Garden with water features

Whether a material is made or natural, this form of water still maintains modern influences. You can try a narrow waterway surrounded by stones cut and filled with architectural water plants such as lacy papyrus (Cyperus papyrus) or ponytail like bamboo (Equisetum). Rusty iron, stainless steel, and galvanized steel, or soft colored ceramics can be used to overflow fountains.

Backyard Water Features

Backyard Water Features – source: gregpoly.com

Relaxation Garden Ideas

Relaxation Garden Ideas – source: yandex.com.tr

Rock Garden Water feature

Rock Garden Water feature – source: brpinterest.com

Small Front Garden with Fountain ideas

Small Front Garden with Fountain ideas – source: jasminegardeninn.com

3. Garden with an Accent

Modern furniture, of course, is the key to modern gardens. Various materials, including wood, metal, glass or natural stone, can be used. Abstract, free-form sculptures are often used as focal points in contemporary gardens. Containers and planters follow basic geometric designs. Terra-cotta is a classic choice, such as pots made of metal, stone or wood.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyard Landscaping Ideas – source: cwspools.com

Contemporary Garden Party

Contemporary Garden Party – source: beeyoutifullife.com

Garden Ideas with an Accents

Garden Ideas with an Accent – source: easybuilding.lk

Small Garden Furniture Ideas

Small Garden Furniture Ideas – source: blinkmargate.org

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