10 Most Creative Vegetables Garden Organization Ideas That You Need To Apply For Your Home

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Having your own vegetable garden not only gives you economic benefits, but also green homes. To make your home more beautiful, you don’t have to stick to the “standard” garden design on the yard.

There are many creative ways to create a beautiful vegetable garden, including for the owner of a narrow yard.

Vegetables Garden Organization Ideas

Vegetables Garden Organization Ideas

This is an interesting vegetable garden design idea that you can apply at home.

1. Hanging Vegetable Garden

Hanging vegetable gardens are a popular choice for owners of narrow yards. You can use pots, used cans, or used bottles as a planting medium. You can hang it on the wall or install a special wooden board for this garden. However, remember that these pots will be heavy due to soil and water, so you have to make sure the pots hang firmly.

Diy Plastic Bottle For Vegetable Garden

Diy Plastic Bottle For Vegetable Garden – source: decoarchi.com

Hanging Garden Ideas

Hanging Garden Ideas – source: turismoestrategico.co

Hanging Vegetable Garden Ideas

Hanging Vegetable Garden Ideas – source: gardenmagz.com

Vegetable Indoor Garden ideas

Vegetable Indoor Garden ideas – source: physiologyccnyc.com

2. Mini Garden In A Wooden Box

A low wooden box can be a portable “mini” vegetable garden, perfect if the sun does not illuminate the entire yard to its full potential. Wooden crates can be an ideal planting medium, especially for wood panel parts that have gaps, suitable for irrigation.

Mini Vegetable Garden

Mini Vegetable Garden – source: pinterest.ru

outdoor vegetable Garden Ideas

outdoor vegetable Garden Ideas – source: pinterest.ru

Simple Vegetable Garden Designs

Simple Vegetable Garden Designs – source: pinterest.ru

3. Gardens In A Beautiful Collection Of Pots

If you have a problem with space, use pots with various designs to grow vegetables. You can choose unique pots that match the design of the house. Place these pots on special shelves or in the corners of the house in the sun. When placing the pot, notice how the pot will look when it is side by side with the house.

beautiful collection of pots

a beautiful collection of pots – source: blog.naver.com

Gardens in a beautiful collection of pots

Gardens in a beautiful collection of pots – source: id.carousel.com

Plant upbringing LED PlantLight

Plant upbringing LED PlantLight – source: global.rakuten.com

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