10 Best Front Garden Designs That Make Home More Beautiful

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Sometimes the term “do not judge only something from what seems” does not apply in creating a place that is pleasing to the eye. The front of your house is an important part to note because this is the first part that other people see.

In determining the design of the right front garden, certainly not the same as choosing a garden design for a terrace or garden behind the house. The design of the front garden of the house tends to be more simple and minimal ornament because the focus of structuring the front of the house is still the appearance of the facade of the house.

Front Garden Designs

Front Garden Designs

What kind of design variations can you replicate from the design of the front garden? Come on, see the inspiration below!

1. Green Minimalist Home Garden

The existence of green open spaces around the house is very important for water catchment areas. The design of the front garden of the house that has a minimalist home architecture can be an option for those of you who need green open space. To get it, plant all empty land with your choice of grass.

Minimize the number of trees and ornamental plants. The design of the front garden of the house with a minimalist concept dominated by green gives a fresh and airy impression.

Front Yard

Front Yard – source: pinterest.ru

green open spaces

green open spaces – source: decorationworld.net

2. Colorful Home Front Garden

Unlike the front garden design with a minimalist concept, the front garden design of this house is filled with various colors and ornaments. The combination of garden, flowers, and tree-grass in the front garden design can be applied if the front of the house directly faces the sidewalk.

These various colors and ornaments can enliven the look of the facade of a house painted in plain neutral colors.

Beautiful and colorful

Beautiful and colorful – source: sibilaslandscaping.com

Lotus Flower Home Front Yard ideas

Lotus Flower Home Front Yard ideas – source: onlinedbiz.com

3. The Front Garden With An Oasis Fountain

The freshness of natural nuances does not only come from plants and grass, placing water elements such as ponds, fountains, and mini fountains can also produce a similar impression.

The design of the front garden of the house with a fountain in the middle or koi pond at the edge of the park can be applied if you have a large enough land. As for limited land, water elements can be imported through a model of the fountain installed attached to the wall of the house.

Small Front Garden with Fountain

Small Front Garden with Fountain – source: www.billielourd.org

Water Fountain Landscape

Water Fountain Landscape – source: kibin.biz

4. Asian Garden Design

Rocks, gravel, and dry shrubs are the constituent elements of the garden design in front of Asian-style houses. Even though it looks dry and slightly overgrown with green plants, it is precisely the design of the front garden of this house that is closely related to the exotic tropical nuances. The design of the front garden of a house like this is also known as the Zen Garden, a garden that is often found in traditional Japanese houses and buildings.

Japanese Front Yard

Japanese Front Yard – source: dailyhomelist.com

Zen garden

Zen garden – source: outdoorhouseplan.com

5. Terraced Garden

The use of certain materials can display a different impression on the park in front of the house. Like the design of the front garden of this house, by using one of the building materials, cement, the front garden design of the house is made from a terrace and winding so that the modern impression looks so attractive.

In the design of the front garden of this house, cement material is also used as a container for growing green plants.

Terraced Front garden

Terraced Front garden – source: mydecor.org

Terraced Front Yard

Terraced Front Yard – source: therealtorshelper.blogspot.com

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