10 Amazing Rooftop Garden Designs For Your Home To Look Awesome

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Imagining a beautiful and fertile green garden which is of course green is certainly very encouraging. But this amazing dream seems unrealistic if you lack land for your yard.

However, for those of you who have a roof, you can have a beautiful and inspiring green roof garden design using creative and brilliant ideas with simple basic knowledge of gardening on the porch of a house and finally developing ornamental plants for an elegant roof garden.

Rooftop Garden Designs

Rooftop Garden Designs

1. Gardening On The Rooftop

It is indeed a good idea to develop plants for garden roofs using useful knowledge about urban agriculture to grow vegetables, fruits, and other crops that can be consumed by themselves.

Not only does it give you pleasure to grow your own vegetables and fruit, but this type of roof garden can also be the basis of a profitable family business.

Roof Garden Design Ideas

Roof Garden Design Ideas – source: home-oka.com

rooftop garden design

rooftop garden design – source: architizer.com

2. Cooking Area

Cooking in the open on the roof garden is definitely very attractive for barbecue lovers. In this case, the design of a roof garden complete with cooking utensils can express the love of cooking and eating activities in the open area.

Rooftop Decks Add Outdoor Living Space

Rooftop Decks Add Outdoor Living Space – source: roofingmagaazine.com

Rooftop Luxury building

Rooftop Luxury building – source: klasika.kompas.id

3. Fish Pond On The Rooftop

If you like to fish, you can install an aquarium or fish pond on the roof. Besides being able to cause a cooling effect, this type of roof garden can also be a relaxing area and barbecue dinner.

Roof Garden Design with Fish Pond

Roof Garden Design with Fish Pond – source: pinterest.ru

The pond on the roof

The pond on the roof – source: tripmemos.com

4. Playground

Build a pleasant place at the top of your home that is entertaining and innovative. This step combines ideas for building a playground on a roof garden that is very valuable to you and your children.

Playground areas on the roofs

Playground areas on the roofs – source: mbc.uz

Rooftop mini golf

Rooftop mini golf – source: adventureandfun.com

5. Special Themes

The European-style roof garden and French-style roof garden are the most enchanting designs where pillars and pavilions are quite dominant.

Rooftop Lounge Bar and Grill

Rooftop Lounge Bar and Grill – source: cz.pinterest.com

Steel Roofing Design Ideas

Steel Roofing Design Ideas – source: pinterest.ru

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