40+ Best Coachella Camping Guide and Tips to be Like A Pro

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At the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, music lovers will spend three days of nonstop desert sun and wind, art and music that will either overwhelm or delight them to no end. Some will find some motels miles off-site but some will love to enjoy the Coachella by car camping minutes from the festival grounds.

And why they prefer to camp out rather than get a hotel? Well, the answer is simple that the camping community is welcoming and the benefits of not having to take a shuttle or drive to the venue everyday. Because they are attending to see their favorite artists perform so they need to be patient in maximizing their good time and have got to come prepared.

Best Coachella Camping Guide and Tips (31)

Camping allows you to roll out of the bed when you want, gran snacks or drinks of your choosing, catch an afternoon nap, and off course to save your money. But that kind freedom comes hard-earned and there is a lot of planning to do before you go if you want your camping worthy because it is not only a rite of passage but also a way to improve your festival experience.

If your are a newbie in a Coachella camping, you’d be better to check out our 40+ Best Coachella Camping Guide and Tips to be Like A Pro in the following gallery that we’ve collected from around the internet to give you some inspiration. Enjoy!

40+ Best Coachella Camping Guide and Tips to be Like A Pro

Coachella is the experience so you need to be well prepared with our camping guides and tips so that you can enjoy all the musics and watch your favorite singers’ performances.


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