14 Wonderful Roof Garden Design Ideas That You Can Apply To Your Home

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Gardens are not only in terms of the beauty of the house. However, the health and green aspects of the house are also held by the role of ‘garden’.

Unfortunately, in urban areas, it is quite difficult to find enough land for the existence of a garden. Then, how? The idea of architecture began to be re-developed as a solution to the city garden. One solution to creating a healthier home in urban areas is to apply the roof garden design concept. This concept began to be developed after the green architecture discourse was rife in recent years.

Roof Garden Design Ideas

Roof Garden Design Ideas

Come on, consider some roof garden design ideas that can be applied at home.

1. Provide Tables And Chairs In The Roof Garden To Relax

The existence of a roof garden will be more functional if used for activities. You can add chairs and tables to relax in the afternoon or during the holidays. Also if there are friends visiting, this park can be a friendly reception area.

garden on the roof

garden on the roof – source: skyspec.com

ideas for roof garden

ideas for roof garden – source: natedshare.wikidot.com

2. Minimalist Rattan Swings For The Relaxing Room In The Roof Garden

In addition to putting a sofa chair or table on the roof garden, this simple rattan swing will also be very appropriate if used. You can install it according to the desired shape and color. Because these swings are widely sold in the market with varying prices.

Cool Hanging Swing Chair

Cool Hanging Swing Chair – source: decomg.com

Luxury Outdoor Roof Garden Hanging Chair Brown

Luxury Outdoor Roof Garden Hanging Chair Brown – source: quatropi.com

3. Place A Minimalist Hanging Hammock For Napping On Holidays

Besides swinging, hanging a hammock can also be stretched as a medium to relax and take a nap. This hammock will be useful if there is a table nearby to put a reading book or hot tea in the afternoon.

The use of dominant white can also be a key in building a minimalist style garden.

Marvelous hammock

Marvelous hammock – source: madebymood.com

Relax On Hammock

Relax On Hammock – source: shutterstock.com

4. Give Green Grass Overlay

For a garden area that is not too large, you can apply grass plants as the main vegetation. To make it look more attractive, provide a planting area that is dynamic in shape. For example, taking a simple arch form. The first area is filled with grass and another area is used for circulation.

Carpet Artificial Grass

Carpet Artificial Grass – source: villaricatourism.com

royal grass

royal grass – source: royalgrass.com.br

5. Cover The Floor With Wood To Make It Look More Natural

The roof garden will look more natural if you put a wooden floor. This is because wood floors are indeed more adaptive with all types of plants to be planted. Be it trees, flowers or even fruits.

Rooftop garden wood

Rooftop garden wood – source: mxtrianz.me

wooden floor

wooden floor – source: aofwe.com

6. If Possible, Add A Tiny Pool In The Roof Garden

Want to have a house with a swimming pool, but is constrained by a narrow land? The roof garden can be used as the right medium for laying swimming pools. Especially nowadays many resorts and hotels have proven their success in this concept. There is no harm in applying at home.

Pool Garden House

Pool Garden House – source: lockerdome.com

7. If Possible, Give Space To A Minimalist Gazebo

For a large roof garden, provide a minimalist gazebo that supports the function of the garden itself as a lounge. Although the gazebo is not too big, the chairs and tables will be better protected from sunlight and rain.

Beautifull gazebo

Beautiful gazebo – source: youtube.com

Gazebo on the rooftop

Gazebo on the rooftop – source: pergolagazebos.com

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