10 Most Awesome Outdoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas You Must See

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Nowadays, swimming pool is a hot topic. If you have a large area in the backyard or in front of the house, you might consider having a swimming pool.

It is very tempting to swim in cold water, play with children in the sun or even exercise in the morning in the pool.

As the name implies, swimming pools are artificial places or facilities for swimming. If in rural areas or close to water swimming activities can be done in rivers, rivers, lakes, and even the sea so that for urban areas far from the swimming pool water is the right means for swimming.

Fixer Upper Pool

Beautiful Pool Design

In building a swimming pool, both private and public, there are several things that must be considered starting from security, privacy, intended use, budget, to the beauty and scenery around it.

Well! Here are some swimming pool designs that can be an inspiration for those of you who want to build a swimming pool.

1. Stock Pool Tank

Stock tank pools are very popular nowadays, and it’s easy to find out the reason: Ponds on the ground are affordable, easy to install, and look very simple in a rural environment.

Stock Tank Swimming Pool

Stock Tank Swimming Pool – source: 954bartend.info

2. Shipping Container Pool

Who knew shipping containers made for attractive ponds? The mud pool makes this amazing hot tub only need a few minutes to install.

Shipping Container Pool

Shipping Container Pool – source: abiborj.com

3. Hill Country Ranch

The renovated backyard of the Austin, Texas ranch is home to a living room, bar and outdoor kitchen for many poolside entertainment options.

Hill Country Ranch

Hill Country Ranch – source: waterair.com

4. Long Island Bungalow

The charming Long Island house has outdoor spaces that are ideal for entertaining friends throughout the summer.

Long Island Bungalow

Long Island Bungalow – source: uclachoralmusic.com

5. Stone Houses and Wooden Pools

This billiard house features its Missouri house with similar wooden beams and layers of stone.

Stone and Timber Pool House

Stone and Timber Pool House – source: julialitvinova.com

6. California Pool Dreams

After the design transformation, this one family residence shows a relaxed and classy look.

California Pool Dreams

California Pool Dreams – source: rulinkeji.com

7. Tile Accents Pool

Sometimes all design needs are improvements. Use decorative tiles to make your swimming pool look new.

Tile Accent Pool

Tile Accent Pool – source: thetruthyoualwaysknew.com

8. Natural Pool Space

The swimming pool at this Texas house is surrounded by trees, for a one-with-nature atmosphere.

Natural Pool Space

Natural Pool Space – source: porch.com

9. Classic-theme Pool

A house in northern Florida has a traditional architectural addition to the design of a swimming pool.

Classic Theme Pool

Classic Theme Pool – source: porch.com

10. Top Solver

The designers behind this project want a refreshing modern look for the terrace and swimming pool.

Fixer Upper Pool

Fixer Upper Pool – source: porch.com

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