10 Fabulous Minimalist Pool Designs To Beautify Your Home’s Backyard

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Today, some families want to have a minimalist swimming pool inside the house. As we know there are many private pools at home. Among them as a place to relax and sports media. So don’t be surprised if, nowadays, many people are looking for information about design houses with minimalist swimming pools in them.

Minimalist Pool Designs

Minimalist Pool Designs

Of course, the condition of the water in the private pool is different from the swimming pool in public places, where if only the private pool is swimming there, either brothers or family. That way the cleanliness of the pool can always be controlled.

The following are some pool designs that will make your backyard more beautiful.

1. Simple Square

The most commonly used form of swimming pool is a rectangle with a simple design. The simpler the shape, the better and efficient placement.

Beautiful enclosed pool design ideas

Beautiful enclosed pool design ideas – source: kitchentoday.net

Minimalist Square Pool

Minimalist Square Pool – source: www.wheats.com

The World Square Swimming Pool

The World Square Swimming Pool – source: ilduemila.com

2. Relaxing Place

Besides being used for exercise, the presence of a swimming pool at home aims to create a relaxed holiday style atmosphere. Therefore, provide a supporting accent that supports the atmosphere.

Inground Fibreglass Swimming Pool

Inground Fibreglass Swimming Pool – source: barrierreefpoolsperth.com.au

Modern Pool Design

Modern Pool Design – source: helena-source.net

Swimming Pool Designs

Swimming Pool Designs – source: averageyogini.com

3. Minimalist Curve

Want to design a mini pool that isn’t it?

Maybe a minimalist semi-curved pool design can be used as an attractive choice. The shape of the pool is not boring with the presence of this round accent.

Curved Pool with Fountain and Pergola

Curved Pool with Fountain and Pergola – source: vivbo.ru

Dark Blue Pool With Slide

Dark Blue Pool With Slide – source: uvpools.com

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass Pools – source: andaprest.com

4. Minimalist Swimming Pool Design 180 °

This mini swimming pool looks like a perfect half circle. The design is very natural. The combination of supporting elements makes the recreation area behind the house look like a tropical retreat.

Swimming Pool Design 180 ̊

Swimming Pool Design 180 ̊ – source: decoist.com

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