9 Luxury Minimalist Home Interior Designs for You to See

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The role of the architect is very important in designing a minimalist luxury dream home. Today, many famous architects have proven their knowledge in producing attractive luxury home design works.

It seems that no one does not want to have a mansion with large land. The reason, of course, is a sign of high social status. In a luxurious living room, choose a minimalist design in harmony with the luxury concept created.

In general, ordinary people interpret the design of luxury homes or houses that are said to be luxurious buildings that are spacious, built on vast land, and the exterior and interior look glamorous and classy.

Living Room Minimalist Garden

Living Room Minimalist Garden

Here are some examples of luxury home design ideas from the creativity of famous architects as your inspiration in realizing the luxury home of your dreams.

1. Wood Material

The design of the house with wood using five types of local wood for both interior and exterior. With pine wood inside the room will give strength and color that is also good and beautiful.

Home Interior Design with Wood Material

Home Interior Design with Wood Material – source: googdrive.com

Luxury Interior Design

Luxury Interior Design – source: dk-decor.com

Luxury Mountain House

Luxury Mountain House – source: pinterest.es

2. Splow House

Splow House has a “split” concept in which luxury home designs are only seen to have 2 floors when viewed from the outside.

Splow House’s luxury home design receives adequate lighting, natural lighting as well as from lamps and natural air circulation. Utilize natural elements and maximize in space in tight spaces.

Split House Design

Split House Design – source: archdaily.com

Splow House Design Ideas

Splow House Design Ideas – source: inhabitat.com

Splow House Design

Splow House Design – source: dekoruma.com

3. Heavy Rotation House Design

“Heavy Rotation” is a luxury home design by the state Architect at Studio SA_e. This luxury home is the result of renovating an old house to prove that the old building can be used and harmonized with the new building.

Heavy Rotation House Design

Heavy Rotation House Design – source: pictracepic.online

Living Room Minimalist Garden

Living Room Minimalist Garden – source: source.architizer.com

Luxury Prefabricated Modern Home Interior

Luxury Prefabricated Modern Home Interior – source: tr.pinterest.com

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