9 Awesome Music Studio Rooms Designs For Your Ideal Home

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Having a music studio in an ideal home seems to be a dream for those of you who like music. The presence of a music studio at home will make it easier for you to work. You can also use the music studio by renting it to musician friends.

Not to forget, for the ideal size the music studio requires at least 4 × 5 meters of land. But keep in mind, besides having to provide a special room for studio construction, there are also aspects that need attention.

Music Studio Designs

Music Studio Designs

The following are some aspects of building a music studio at home to get an idea and a comfortable and ideal music studio.

1. Design a Music Studio with Sound Proofing

Sounds around the house greatly affect the quality of the music produced, therefore requiring sound absorbers for the music studio.

Music Studio with Soundproof

Music Studio with Soundproof – source: fishki.net

Soundproof For Music Studio

Soundproof For Music Studio – source: ceilingpost.com

Spirit Sound Studio

Spirit Sound Studio – source: siss.ru

2. Designing a Music Studio with Furniture Installation

Add a Music studio with several types of minimalist furniture. Minimalist furniture is also an accurate trick that acts as a silencer enhancer. Don’t forget to pay attention to the furniture color and the color of the studio to make it look harmonious.

home recording studio desk

home recording studio desk – source: boldyreva.info

Music Studio with Furniture

Music Studio with Furniture – source: weslachot.com

Studio lighting Ideas

Studio lighting Ideas – source: pinterest.ru

3. Build a Music Studio with Parquet as a Floor Layer

Carpets are generally used by music studios as floor layers. Actually, the use of carpeted floors is not correct. Carpet is a material that is quickly dirty and smells bad. As an alternative, try using parquet on all floors. Parquet will look suitable with minimalist furniture and parquet floors are also easy to clean compared to using carpets.

Concentrix Control Room Studio

Concentrix Control Room Studio – source: novawall.com

Lakehouse Recording Studio

Lakehouse Recording Studio – source: wsdg.com

Studio Music Design Ideas

Studio Music Design Ideas – source: gmm2012.org

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