15 Ideal Home Stair Designs For Minimalist House

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Stairs are an important part of your home. Like a blood vessel that connects all parts of the body, it also becomes a link between the top and bottom. But usually, this part is often ignored. Whether it’s rarely cleaned or turns out to be a pile of items that are not used. Even though you can make a ladder a part of a beautiful house and it’s okay to be photographed.

Even though the house is small, don’t worry. You can still get unique and interesting designs and styles of stairs. Just look at the example below.

Ideal Home Stair Designs

Ideal Home Stair Designs

1. Stairs And Storage Room

The ladder function helps us to go up and down from top to bottom. But other forms and functions can be made. One of them is like this, suitable for small houses. Functional, practical and able to store other items.

Wine Storage Cabinet Glass

Wine Storage Cabinet Glass – source: bajawebfest.com

Under Stairs Storage Room

Under Stairs Storage Room – source: hambantota2018.com

Storage places under the Stairs

Storage places under the Stairs – source: web.refreshrenovations.com.au

2. Glass And Metal

This ladder is unique like it is not visible. It turned out that the staircase was made of glass, and the handle was made of metal. This futuristic theme, and at a glance like the theme of the Free movie huh. Elegant and practical and does not take up a lot of space.

Glass and Metal Stairs Design ideas

Glass and Metal Stairs Design ideas – source: authortigriseden.com

Glass Staircase

Glass Staircase – source: glassonweb.com

Metal Stairs design

Metal Stairs design – source: lolajimenezarquitecto.com

3. Invisible Steps

This staircase is truly fantastic! Like not stepping on anything, because it’s made of clear glass. People must be shocked to see you go down as if they didn’t cross the stairs. The handle is also futuristic, from long LED lights like a light stick. Not only that, but this model ladder also saves space and makes the house look spacious!

Glass and Metal Stairs

Glass and Metal Stairs – source: officinesandrini.co.uk

Metal frame stairs beautiful

Metal frame stairs beautiful – source: modernstairs.icu

Stairs Design Modern

Stairs Design Modern – source: hit-interiors.com

4. Like Piano

These steps are simple, but remind us of the piano. Where keys are related to strings, so are these stairs. Small, slim, and perfectly crooked. Wood material also gives a solid impression, combined with a silver handle. Luxury!

piano key stairs

piano key stairs – source: desiretoinspire.net

Piano stair design

Piano stair design – source: newfrog.com

Piano stair

Piano stair – source: yazciz.net

5. Like The Stairs In The Castle

Small wooden stairs, like in the castle to get to the highest tower. The touch of wood makes the steps sturdy. To make it look more modern, the handle is glass. This ladder can be placed in a corner, simple and suitable for your small house.

Castle stair design

Castle stair design – source: anphulong.com

Classic castle design

Classic castle design – source: homebunch.com

Interior Modern Staircase

Interior Modern Staircase – source: magcraze.com

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