20 Comfortable Bathroom Design Ideas for a Variety of Home Styles

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The bathroom is certainly one of the rooms that must be in a house. Cleanliness and comfort factors are things that need to be considered in order to create a bathroom that is comfortable for the owner. Making the appearance of the bathroom is certainly not arbitrary, in making the appearance of the bathroom must adjust to the style of the house, whether the house is in a modern, vintage, industrial, or another style of home.

If you want to build a bathroom that is in harmony with the style of your house, maybe this article can help you in solving your problem. Next, we have summarized some comfortable bathroom design ideas for various home styles. Hopefully, it can inspire you!

20 Comfortable Bathroom Design Ideas for a Variety of Home Styles

20 Comfortable Bathroom Design Ideas for a Variety of Home Styles

1. Bohemian bathroom design

If you like classic and artistic things, you can try this one style bathroom. The classic design and also looks cheerful are the main characteristics of the bohemian style. You can use patterned and bright floors, either on the floor or in the bathroom.

01 Bohemian bathroom design 01

Bohemian bathroom design 01 – source: realie.org

01 Bohemian bathroom design 02

Bohemian bathroom design 02 – source: apartementtherapy.com

01 Bohemian bathroom design 03

Bohemian bathroom design 03 – source: maisonvalentina.net

01 Bohemian bathroom design 04

Bohemian bathroom design 04 – source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

2. Industrial Bathroom Design

Industrial design is well-known for its incomplete or semi-finished interior. A bathroom design that seems messy with a combination of dark colors is precisely what makes this bathroom seem more artistic and charming.

For floors, you can use parquet, cement, or ceramics. You can use stones for wooden bathtubs and tables as a place for toiletries. Also, pay attention to the lighting of this industrial bathroom to be unique and artistic.

02 Industrial Bathroom Design 01

Industrial Bathroom Design 01 – source: pinterest.com

02 Industrial Bathroom Design 02

Industrial Bathroom Design 02 – source: architectureartdesigns.com

02 Industrial Bathroom Design 03

Industrial Bathroom Design 03 – source: nimvo.com

02 Industrial Bathroom Design 04

Industrial Bathroom Design 04 – source: decorpad.com

3. Scandinavian Bathroom Design

Scandinavian style always displays the bright, clean and simple impression that characterizes this style. With the dominance of cool colors such as white and pastel colors, making this Scandinavian style suitable to be applied to make the room seem spacious and spacious, very suitable for application to your bathroom.

The right lighting settings will make this Scandinavian-style bathroom even brighter and wider, and will certainly save on your electricity use in the morning and afternoon. Because this Scandinavian style carries a simple concept, you should not display too many ornaments or decorations in this bathroom. Just use decorations such as vases or ornamental plants so that the bathroom looks fresh and cool.

03 Scandinavian Bathroom Design 01

Scandinavian Bathroom Design 01 – source: pinterest.com

03 Scandinavian Bathroom Design 02

Scandinavian Bathroom Design 02 – source: pinterest.com

03 Scandinavian Bathroom Design 03

Scandinavian Bathroom Design 03 – source: agoda.com

03 Scandinavian Bathroom Design 04

Scandinavian Bathroom Design 04 – source: networldingblog.com

4. Vintage Bathroom Design

If you like unique and clean things, then you can apply this vintage-style bathroom. This style is quite unique and artistic to try. Old and classic impressions are very attached to this style. Vintage bathroom floors are usually geometric patterns. Also, add a mirror so that your bathroom looks more spacious than the original. And also don’t apply too many wall decorations to this vintage-style bathroom.

04 Vintage Bathroom Design 01

Vintage Bathroom Design 01 – source: pinterest.com

04 Vintage Bathroom Design 02

Vintage Bathroom Design 02 – source: housebeautiful.com

04 Vintage Bathroom Design 03

Vintage Bathroom Design 03 – source: certified-lighting.com

04 Vintage Bathroom Design 04

Vintage Bathroom Design 04 – source: flickr.com

5. Rustic Bathroom Design

If you like the calm, warm and natural countryside, you can try the design of this bathroom. The rustic style further highlights the simple impression of the countryside by using all wood and natural stone furniture. You can place several decorative plant pots as a complement to your bathroom. One thing to note in making this rustic style bathroom is, never use white lights, because it will make this rustic bathroom look dirty and dull.

05 Rustic Bathroom Design 01

Rustic Bathroom Design 01 – source: pinterest.com

05 Rustic Bathroom Design 02

Rustic Bathroom Design 02 – source: homedit.com

05 Rustic Bathroom Design 03

Rustic Bathroom Design 03 – source: deavita.net

05 Rustic Bathroom Design 04

Rustic Bathroom Design 04 – source: decoholic.com

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