14 Simple Versatile Item Shelf Design For Your Home Interior

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One way to avoid items scattered in every corner of the house is to use goods shelves. At present, the shelves are not merely rectangular, rigid and boring. Thanks to creative ideas from furniture manufacturers, you can get a shelf of goods with a simple design but still cool. The various materials and colors will make your interior look slicker.

Check out the following some unique versatile item shelf designs so you are inspired to look for anti-mainstream shelves.

Simple Versatile Item Shelf Design

Simple Versatile Item Shelf Design

1. Goods Shelf Resembles An Aquarium

This one rack of goods at a glance like an aquarium taped to the wall of the house. The shape is simple and made open so that you can easily put items in it. The top and bottom are made of wooden boards. With black iron trim as its ribs, this item shelf fits in a minimalist style room.

resembles an aquarium

resembles an aquarium – source: tissedoshop.com

Wall Mounted Shelves

Wall Mounted Shelves – source: design-milk.com

2. Labyrinth-style Goods Shelf

Want to put items in various sizes on an item shelf? You can try a labyrinth-style item rack like this. With cracks that have a 90-degree angle, you can simply put the item in accordance with the size. Stacks of books in narrow gaps or tall flower vases at the corners, perfect right?

Modern Shelving System

Modern Shelving System – source: www.alyneroberts.com

Wall Shelves Storage ideas

Wall Shelves Storage ideas – source: decoratoo.com

3. Goods Shelves As Well As Partitions

The limited land within a dwelling sometimes forces the owner to combine several spaces at once. For example, the living room next to the dining room. This will certainly make other residents feel uncomfortable when guests arrive.

The solution is to use a large-sized item rack that can be used as a living room partition. No need to be complicated, just a wooden shelf with lots of bulkheads. Some of the items that can be displayed are statues, books, certificates, photo frames, lights, and so on.

Bookcase Room Dividers

Bookcase Room Dividers – source: ensanekamel.com

Room Divider Shelving

Room Divider Shelving – source: rooms.spsteroid.com

4. Goods Rack For A More Efficient Corner Of The Room

The angle of space is often wasted because of inappropriate furniture placement. Fortunately, there are now many item shelf designs that can efficiently utilize the corners of the room. This one shelf is a wooden frame that looks crooked following the corner of the room.

Often referred to as corner shelves, this furniture is also suitable for small rooms because it can be placed at the top in the corner of the room. There is no more wasted space when using this shelf, right?

Corner Shelf ideas

Corner Shelf ideas – source: newsdsgn.com

Geometric Corner Shelves

Geometric Corner Shelves – source: pallet-projects.blogspot.com

5. Rack With A “Thin” Frame

Want to have an item shelf with a space-saving design? Maybe a thin, minimalist wall shelf like this suits you. From a distance, this shelf looks like it’s made of lines, even though there is a thin iron board that supports it. Even though it looks thin, in fact, this rack is very sturdy to hold all your belongings.

minimalist wall shelf

minimalist wall shelf – source: design-milk.com

Rack with a thin frame

Rack with a thin frame – source: pikabu.ru

6. Wall Shelves “Float” From Wood

The next item shelf design is no stranger, namely a minimalist wall shelf from wood. The design is very simple because it only uses a wooden board and an elbow iron mounted to the wall. Usually, a rack like this is used in a small room to create the illusion of more spacious space.

But, if you want to use it in a big room it’s okay because it’s just as cool. You only need to adjust the size of the item to be placed there.

Rustic Floating Wall Shelves

Rustic Floating Wall Shelves – source: licalliance.org

Wooden Shelves

Wooden Shelves – source: michelenails.com

7. Multi-storey Shelves With Crutches

If you want a more functional shelf and are able to support lots of decorations and daily necessities, choose a multilevel wooden display rack. However, the inspiration above shows that solid design does not only have to be iron-frame.

Multi storey shelves

Multi-storey shelves – source: yandex.com

shelves with crutches

shelves with crutches – source: tripadvisor.cz

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