14 Best Partitioning Living Room Ideas For Your Tiny Houses

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Want to divide the living room into several parts? The most perfect solution is to use the living room partition. By using partitions, you can partition the room but not permanently because it can be moved or opened as you wish when you need a large area.

Ideal for use in small-sized homes, we have several ideas on living room partitions that not only can divide the room efficiently, but will make the living room look more aesthetic. Well, what are the ideas of the living room partition?

Partitioning Living Room Ideas

Partitioning Living Room Ideas

1. Partitioning The Living Room With A Bookshelf

This one-room living room partition is very suitable to be applied to small-sized houses or studio apartments. Here, you can use bookshelves, which are used to store collections of favorite books or magazines but can also be used as a partition to separate the living room from other rooms such as bedrooms or family rooms.

Bookshelf Room Divider

Bookshelf Room Divider – source: melaniemorgan.me

Living Room Partitions with Bookshelves

Living Room Partitions with Bookshelves – source: yandex.com

2. Living Room Partition Wooden Crates Model

Many people ignore wooden crates because they are usually only used as a place to store bottled drinks. In fact, you can use wooden crates to create a flexible and budget-efficient living room partition with no less aesthetic results. To use a wooden crate as a living room partition, you can be creative by determining the right model and size, then composing the wooden crates according to your needs.

Room divider with Wooden Crates

Room divider with Wooden Crates – source: diypalletfurniture.net

Natural room divider

Natural room divider – source: gimmercrafts.com

3. Opaque Glass Living Room Partition

You can also use the glass as a living room partition. Glass material is very easy to clean, but can spread light throughout the room so that it makes your home look more spacious. To increase privacy, you can choose the living room partition from the type of frosted glass and patent it on the ceiling and floor so it doesn’t easily shift.

Glass Partition Wall In Living Room

Glass Partition Wall In Living Room – source: braha.pw

Opaque glass partition

Opaque glass partition – source: shpondveri.ru

4. Hollow Wood Living Room Partition

Air circulation and ventilation play an important role in creating healthy occupancy. If you want a living room partition that does not interfere with air circulation patterns, you can choose the model of a hollow wooden partition as shown. This one-room living room partition will smooth the flow of air throughout the room while providing a unique accent in the living room.

Hollow Wood Living Room Partition

Hollow Wood Living Room Partition – source: helena-source.net

Small Apartment Room Divider

Small Apartment Room Divider – source: furnitureinredsea.com

5. Partitioning The Living Room With Plants

Even though your house is small in size, you should not forget the natural elements because it will make the interior look healthy and unsightly. Living room partitions can also bring nature into the house by utilizing tall plant pots such as bamboo.

Plants In Living Room

Plants In Living Room – source: pinterest.ru

Wood Planter Divider

Wood Planter Divider – source: shrimponbarbie.com

6. Partitioning The Living Room With An Aquarium

You can also use a fish aquarium as a living room partition. Glass material in the aquarium will give a broad impression even though you divide the room into various functions. This living room partition is also a home decoration that makes the room look more alive.

Aquarium frames

Aquarium frames – source: twistedsistersdesigns.net

Aquarium room partition

Aquarium room partition – source: oceandesignaquarium.com

7. Partitioning The Living Room With Curtains

To minimize expenses, you can use the curtains that you have as a living room partition. Use an iron curtain rail with a size that matches the room, then choose the colors and motifs of curtains that match the concept of interior space. In addition to overall privacy, curtains are also easily removed to the side when not needed so that the partition of the living room is arguably the most flexible of the others.

Curtains partition

Curtains partition – source: avitokz.info

Room Divider Curtain

Room Divider Curtain – source: fragman.co

Not only functional, the living room partitions certainly have to add to the aesthetics of your residential interior without adding furniture in your tiny house or studio apartment. Remember that a lot of materials and furniture can be used as a living room partition so make sure to choose a multifunctional living room partition so you don’t waste space in your little house.

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