12 Fun Study Desk Designs So That Children Have A Learning Spirit

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Child learning desk is one of the media where our children learn and do assignments from their school every day. In choosing the model of a child study table, there are many choices of children’s learning tables to choose from. Not only in terms of material or material, but the design of children’s study tables must also be considered. As much as possible, the child study table you choose must match the theme of the room you are carrying.

Study Desk Designs

Study Desk Designs

This time, we want to provide cool inspiration for children’s study tables. Guaranteed your child will be more enthusiastic about learning!

1. Scandinavian-style Children’s Study Desk

Want to create a European-style study table with a soft touch of sweet colors and decorations? Use this type of Scandinavian style children’s study table design. The soft touch of pastel colors that match the black and white represents the impression of minimalism and elegance of Scandinavia.

elegance of Scandinavia

the elegance of Scandinavia – source: expressmarket.pro

European style

European style – source: pinterest.com

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style – source: pinterest.com

2. Child Study Desk With A Trendy Retro And Vintage Concept

Trending vintage themes are also suitable for the design of children’s study tables. Collect items that can be reused like a dining chair to give a special touch to the child’s study table. If you want to give a different touch, you can replace an ordinary chair with an ottoman!

Metal Kids Desk

Metal Kids Desk – source: nickyholender.com

Retro Style

Retro Style – source: brilio.net

Vintage desk

Vintage desk – source: pinterest.com

3. Child Study Desk With The Concept Of A Built-in Wall

Some minimalist homes that prioritize simple concepts, usually will use a child study table with the concept of a built-in wall or sticking to the wall like this. This concept can save space.

How to? You can design a children’s study table by dividing it into two children’s study tables consisting of study tables, wall shelves for items or children’s books, to the board to attach photo frames or important notes.

built in desk and shelving

built in desk and shelving – source: mailafiyafoundation.com

Built in Kids Desk Twin

Built in Kids Desk Twin – source: harrysandler.com

Built in Kids studying desk

Built-in Kids studying desk – source: 1stdibs.com

4. Learning Area With A Monochrome Concept

You can also use black and white to design children’s study tables, no need to use bright colors. Monochrome colors like black and white can be applied to the concept of a child study table. In designing this child’s study desk space, show consistency by not using more than 3 colors.

Contemporary Kids Desk

Contemporary Kids Desk – source: dwellideas.com

Kids learning table

Kids learning table – source: thehunt.com

Monochrome kids learning area

Monochrome kids learning area – source: pinterest.nz

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