12 Fabulous Lampshade Models For Rooms More Aesthetic

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Lighting is one of the most important elements in the housing. Apart from being a lighting source, installing the right lighting can also highlight the architectural and interior concepts that you adopt so that housing can look more aesthetic. However, many do not expect that the lampshade greatly affects the lighting in the dwelling.

Not only choosing the right type and light, but the use of lampshades also affects the bias or beam of light so that it can change the mood in the dwelling. In addition, the lampshade also provides stylish decorative elements and makes the lamp more durable because it avoids water damage, falls or collides with other components.

Fabulous Lampshade Models

Fabulous Lampshade Models

Well, what are the lampshade models that you can choose? For more details, see the following article, let’s go!

1. Attach The Lampshade

This lampshade model is paired by attaching it to a wall, cabinet, table, or beside the bed that is not equipped with the nightstand. The resulting light bias tends to be horizontal so it is suitable for use when wanting to read in bed or as a light sleeper.

lampshade for home

lampshade for home – source: www.pinterest.ru

original ideas

original ideas – source: magcraze.com

2. Lampshade Holder

Unlike the previous models, this one has high flexibility because it can be moved anywhere. Used in a standing position on the floor, you can use it as a source of lighting in the living room, family room and reading room.

However, this hood has a size that is wide enough so that it is not ideal for use in small spaces.

Beautifull lighting

Beautiful lighting – source: www.gifyu.com

Floor lamp lighting

Floor lamp lighting – source: www.aliexpress.com

3. Lampshade Pendant

Meanwhile, the hanging lampshade is placed by hanging with a height that you can set at will. Usually shaped like a funnel or cone, this hood produces a light bias that is focused on a particular subject, generally mounted on a dining table with a minimum height of about 60 cm.

Modern Pendant Lighting

Modern Pendant Lighting – source: felexy.com

Pendant lampshade

Pendant lampshade – source: sferamagazine.ru

4. The Decoration Lampshade

The decoration lampshade does not have a special character because the design is designed according to the wishes of the owner. You can order according to order, the hood design at the same time decoration is also unlimited, and you can place it by hanging or standing. In general, it is made of anti-mainstream material.

In addition to buying decorative lampshades on the market, you can also make this DIY decoration veil by using used goods. In addition to attaching lace to an ordinary hood, grated cheese can also be used as a hood that gives a dramatic impression and makes the interior look more attractive.

DIY Lamp

DIY Lamp – source: instructables.com

limited edition paper lamp

limited edition paper lamp – source: www.salvabrani.com

5. Table Lampshade

Next is the table lampshade which consists of two parts, namely the support and head. In general, it is found in table lamps next to the sofa and additional lighting in the study room. In addition, some model hoods are also equipped with a dimmer feature that allows you to adjust the level of lighting so that the atmosphere in the room can change practically.

Table lampshade

Table lampshade – source: amazingdecorideas.com

Table lighting

Table lighting – source: ru.aliexpress.com

6. Spotlight

The spotlight hood has a function to refract the light narrowly so that it focuses on a certain point. You can highlight elements and decorations in the dwelling, such as paintings, sculptures, and decorative tables. Meanwhile, the shape of the highlight model is very diverse, you can find a standing model, hanging and planting.

Spotlight lamp

Spotlight lamp – source: pbteen.com


Spotlight – source: www.pinterest.ru

Of course, the use of a lampshade must be adjusted according to the function of the room and the level of lighting of the object you want to highlight. Good luck!

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