12 Charming Traditional Interior Designs For Your Simple Home

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Ethnic home style is always synonymous with an atmosphere of peace, comfort, relaxation, and tranquility. The atmosphere seems to move you back to the ‘roots’ that you left behind when the busyness and complexity of life weighed down. Anyone, of course, will feel at home in it.

There is a very entertaining impression from the design of a traditional house, where heritage is lovingly displayed, every piece of furniture is very rich in historical heritage and every detail is watched carefully. Being in an ethnic-style house as if it can arouse romance and traditional atmosphere of the past.

Traditional Interior Designs

Traditional Interior Designs

Nowadays, designing a home is limited to transition, contemporary or modern, it’s hard to know how to turn it into a simple traditional home design without actually redesigning your entire home.

Here are some important changes you can make to an ethnic-style house to preserve traditional culture.

1. Natural Elements

This concept is based on concern for the environment and emphasizes natural and non-artificial elements. Most of the material used has a rough surface texture because it is deliberately left natural and not much finishing.

Traditional House Interior

Traditional House Interior – source: little-hell-leanne.tumblr.com

Traditional House with Natural Wood Elements

Traditional House with Natural Wood Elements – source: idesignarch.com

Traditional Living Room Decor ideas

Traditional Living Room Decor ideas – source: gr.pinterest.com

2. Mix-Combo Concept

Ethnic home interior design concepts can use eclectic concepts that combine two elements or styles into separate forms in one room. This style combines elements of the historical style of the past to create something new and original. In architecture and interior design, these elements include building structures, furniture, decorative motifs, historical ornaments, and traditional cultural motifs.

Home Interior Decor Ideas

Home Interior Decor Ideas – source: thebarnnightclub.com

san francisco traditional living room

San Francisco traditional living room – source: billielourd.org

Simple Traditional House decoration

Simple Traditional House decoration – source: pinterest.se

3. Classical Romanticism

Ethnic interior design can also be combined with a classic concept that prioritizes composition, balance, perfect harmonization and very detailed elements.

The classic concept is highlighted through the focal point of detailed furniture and classic chandeliers, though not too much. This concept can display a room that looks more luxurious, elegant, and reminds us of the past.

Classic Room Interior

Classic Room Interior – source: architecturaldigest.com

Classical Style Today

Classical Style Today – source: classicaladdiction.com

Traditional Living Room Decor

Traditional Living Room Decor – source: bylig1.us

4. Traditional Minimalism

You certainly can combine ethnic style home design with a minimalist concept. The minimalist concept emphasizes the simplicity, function, or effectiveness as well as the economic factors of its users, thus limiting the use of ornaments to a minimum and not even using them at all because it plays more compositions in the field of geometry.

Minimalist Traditional Home Interior

Minimalist Traditional Home Interior – source: gessato.com

Minimalist Traditional House

Minimalist Traditional House – source: source.architizer.com

Perfect Minimalist Interior Design

Perfect Minimalist Interior Design – source: decoratorist.com

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