10 Top Minimalist Window Curtains Inspiration That Makes Your House Brighter

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A good window curtain will enhance the appearance of a room. Perhaps this mindset is widely adopted by interior stylists in determining the right curtains for their clients. No wonder, even though it looks simple, the thing is looking for a minimalist window curtain that makes you dizzy. Often, this little thing becomes a disturbing interior problem.

If you are still looking for the design or idea of a minimalist window curtain that is right to install in your home, don’t worry! We have several inspirational minimalist window curtains for you. The house will look brighter and fresher from various perspectives. Do not believe? Come on, just look at the inspiration of this minimalist window curtain!

Minimalist Window Curtains Inspiration

Minimalist Window Curtains Inspiration

1. A Combination Of Neutral And White Minimalist Curtains

Neutral colors for minimalist window curtains are indeed very reliable to display a bright and spacious family room. This inspiration can be imitated with a minimalist window curtain that does not have many accents or decorations but has beautiful maximum benefits. Neutral beige colors and a combination of white thin curtains are also easy to mix and match with various colors of furniture, including furniture from wood and a gray sofa.

Perfect Cheap Curtains

Perfect Cheap Curtains – source: decorelated.com

Summer's Light

Summer’s Light – source: pinterest.ru

2. Minimalist Window Curtains Towering High

Have a room with a high ceiling? You can play luxurious shades with minimalist white window curtains. Choose a minimalist window curtain that is rather thick, so that the fall of the minimalist window curtain will look more magnificent. If you don’t like white, use another color alternative that is also neutral. As a result, the room looks brighter and luxurious at the same time.

Window Curtains

Window Curtains – source: yatzer.com

Windows curtains high

Windows curtains high – source: solidrop.net

3. Minimalist Accents From Thin Curtains

Minimalist accents in this bedroom look simple and effective. This is because the selection of minimalist window curtains is only a layer and is suitable for summer. Besides the room looks brighter, of course, this minimalist window curtain also does not need a lot of maintenance.

Choose a minimalist window curtain with quality materials and look beautiful even though it is only used without a combination with other minimalist window curtains. Sometimes, too much decoration isn’t good. Especially if you want to do a small room decoration.

Pair the colors of the curtains with the appropriate bed linen colors, even better if the color of the sheets and blankets you choose matches the color of the curtains.

Bedroom Curtain ideas

Bedroom Curtain ideas – source: dekoruma.com

Bedroom Window treatment ideas

Bedroom Window treatment ideas – source: yandex.com

4. Decorative Flowers At Minimalist Window Curtains

Don’t hesitate to play with a unique minimalist window curtain motif. Accents that are actually different in the overall minimalist space will actually add to the minimalist space in your home. This is because a minimalist window curtain with a motif can draw attention to one corner of the room that is to the window as a light source.

Floral vibes Window Curtains

Floral vibes Window Curtains – source: society6.com

Tulips curtain

Tulips curtain – source: aliexpress.com

5. Oriental Style Bamboo Curtain

Create eco-friendly elements that are all natural by using minimalist window curtains made of bamboo. In addition to easy and practical treatments, minimalist window curtains made of bamboo are also very easy to mix and match with other furniture in general.

So there is no need to worry if the bamboo curtain will damage the appearance of a minimalist room at home. On the contrary, this oriental accent will actually look fresher and unique for the occupants of the house.

Bamboo Shades

Bamboo Shades – source: www.radioactivafm.org

Oriental curtain

Oriental curtain – source: shellylampshire.com

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