10 Home Theater Design Ideas For a Comfortable and Luxurious Minimalist Home

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Do you like watching movies in theaters? But your busy life and free time are not enough to go to the movies? Not yet in line when buying a ticket? Actually, you can try to bring a minimalist cinema atmosphere in your home with a minimalist home theater design.

You can try some interesting ideas about home theater that you can try in your home. Here are some home theater ideas that we have summarized.

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10 Home Theater Design Ideas

1. Home Theater Narrow Room

If the room you are preparing for your home theater is not too wide, you can set it by putting a stereo standing beside the screen that blends with the wall. Then, choose a three-seat sofa with a medium-sized square wooden table. Choose neutral black to give the room a sense of relief.

01 Home Theater Narrow Room source renovasi rumah net

Home Theater Narrow Room – source: renovasi-rumah.net

2. Home Theater like a Bed Room

For those of you who want a private cinema with a very comfortable and warm atmosphere, you can design it similar to your bedroom. Position the monitor where the sofa is facing. Choose a sofa that resembles a bed by having a head holder but the sofa’s body is enough to stretch. Also, provide thick fleece blankets as a complement.

02 Home Theater like a Bed Room soure Inspired Dwellings

Home Theater like a Bed Room – source: Inspired Dwellings

3. Home Theater Aircraft Cabin

Watching a movie feels like you are on a plane. You can apply this concept by choosing a sofa that looks like an executive passenger seat on a plane. Align the soft chairs facing the monitor attached to the wall.

03 Home Theater Aircraft Cabin source hgtv com

Home Theater Aircraft Cabin – source: hgtv.com

4. Home Theater Family Room

If you want a wider private cinema at home, you can function the family room in a double manner. You can arrange two white two-seat sofas face to face and brokered by a small black square table with an audio-visual device on the other side. Minimalist but very elegant and luxurious.

04 Home Theater Family Room source renovasi rumah net

Home Theater Family Room – source: renovasi-rumah.net

5. Home Theater Bedroom

The bedroom is always the most comfortable room for each occupant of the house. Having a private mini cinema in the room would be very pleasant. Simply put the audio-visual device in front of the bed and beautify it with a long table, you can enjoy any movie and anytime from the bed.

05 Home Theater Bedroom source architectaria com

Home Theater Bedroom – source: architectaria.com

6. Home Theater Next to the Dining Room

To maximize the function of space, it never hurts if the private cinema in your home is combined with the dining room. You simply put a long, three-colored warm sofa between the position of the monitor attached to the wall and the dining table set, but still provide open access for those who want to watch movies from the dining table.

06 Home Theater Next to the Dining Room source renovasi rumah net

Home Theater Next to the Dining Room – source: renovasi-rumah.net

7. Home Theater Under Stairs

Two-story homeowners generally just leave the bottom of the stairs unused. In fact, this part can be used as a private cinema area at home. The lack of light under the stairs is similar to the original atmosphere in a public cinema.

07 Home Theater Under Stairs source renovasi rumah net

Home Theater Under Stairs – source: renovasi-rumah.net

8. Home Theater Studio

For a musician, music is everything. You can apply your love for music through the design of your home theater. Give musical ornaments such as tone wallpapers indoors and attach as many audio devices as possible in different sizes and shapes to be similar to the contents in a music studio.

08 Home Theater Studio source renovasi rumah net

Home Theater Studio – source: renovasi-rumah.net

9. Home Theater Semi-Open Room

Home theaters don’t always have to be in a closed room. You can put it in an open space, like on the side of the terrace to the side garden of the house. While watching, you can be spoiled with a cool gust of wind coming in and out. That will add to the comfort and increase the mood in enjoying the movie you are watching.

09 Home Theater Semi Open Room source renovasi rumah net

Home Theater Semi-Open Room – source: renovasi-rumah.net

10. Home Theater with mini billiard tables

For those who like watching movies while playing billiards, there’s nothing wrong if you combine a home theater with a billiard table at once in a room. If you are tired of watching, you can immediately switch to playing billiards without the need to move to another room again.

10 Home Theater with mini billiard tables source renovasi rumah net

Home Theater with mini billiard tables – source: renovasi-rumah.net

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