10 Coolest Residential Hallway Designs For Your Home

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Most dwellings have a hallway that connects the entrance to the inside of the house. This hallway functions as an area for guests to tidy themselves up before entering and meeting the owner of the residence. This area can also be used to place items such as coats, shoes, and umbrellas.

In addition, the hallway can also obstruct careless views of people towards the inside of a residence that is so private, for example, if there is a delivery agent. The area that was first seen by the guests must be arranged nicely because it affects their judgment about the personality of the owner of the residence.

Residential Hallway Designs

Residential Hallway Designs

Then, what is the cool hallway design like? Check out some of the following designs!

1. Welcoming Using Carpet In The Hallway

Guest is king. Such is the parable that we often hear. This applies not only to the store but also to your residence. Guests must be treated well. The first step you can take is to welcome them with carpet over the aisle. If it’s like this, whose heart doesn’t melt?

Choose a carpet that measures 80% of the width of the corridor so that it doesn’t look narrow. Then look for carpet motifs that fit the overall concept of occupancy.

Carpet long Hallway

Carpet long Hallway – source: privateequitydirectory.com

Hallway Runner

Hallway Runner – source: carpetremnant.com

2. Hallway With A Bookshelf On The Wall

For book lovers, if the collection is too much, often confused about where to put it. Well, you can conjure this residential hall into a mini library. Guests walking here will surely be amazed and you don’t need to spend more money to buy special decorations. In order not to take up space, make a bookshelf planted on the wall from the floor to the end of the wall.


bookshelves – source: pinterest.ru

Hallway Bookcase

Hallway Bookcase – source: cococozy.com

3. The Hallway With Skylights

The next minimalist residential hallway is too narrow for added decoration. But the presence of skylights from the glass along the aisle makes it look classy and modern. Everyone passing by here will get different views every day. The owner of the dwelling does not need to worry if someone is peeping from the outside because what is seen is only a narrow and empty area. Cool, right?

Contemporary Hallway Interiors

Contemporary Hallway Interiors – source: deringhall.com

look classy and modern

look classy and modern – source: contemporist.com

4. Cool Vintage-style Hallway

Vintage style doesn’t always look sweet, but it can also be masculine like this one hallway design. The decoration is only a simple table and chandelier. Then what makes this area cool is the selection of floor design motifs that resemble a chessboard. Likewise with paint for walls and doors. To make it look varied, the top of the wall is left white and the bottom is painted with salted egg green with a little carving.

Cool vintage style hallway

Cool vintage style hallway – source: theintercourse.org

Vintage hallway

Vintage hallway – source: pinterest.ru

5. Hallway With Proper Lighting

A simple hallway can be cool if equipped with the right lighting. Just look at the design in this area which is only filled with paintings and pottery works. Without a window on the side that is the entrance to the sun and small lights on the ceiling, it would look very ordinary and not even attractive at all. The surface of the wood floor also shines and becomes a good combination in this hallway.

decorating long hallways

decorating long hallways – source: pinterest.ru

A simple hallway

A simple hallway – source: deringhall.com

Those are some of the coolest residential aisle designs in the world. What about the current state of your hallway? If you need to be redesigned, you are allowed to take inspiration from this article anyway.


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