10 Awesome Stairs Design Ideas For A Fantastic Multi-storey House

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The stairs become the link between two different floors, the stairs must be given the same attention as when you will design other parts of the house.

The choice of the model, size, and design of the ladder itself is very diverse and can be tailored to your personal needs, situations, and tastes.

Stairs Design Ideas

Stairs Design Ideas

Don’t worry if you have a small house. You can still get unique and interesting designs and styles of stairs.

Here are some fantastic stair design ideas for your home.

1. Wavy Stairs Design Ideas

Warm landscape to make a perfect transition between one space and another. This corrugated staircase is indeed very suitable for you to apply to your modern home.

Wavy Stairs Design ideas

Wavy Stairs Design ideas – source: kuaza.com

Staircase Design Ideas

Staircase Design Ideas – source: viagemmundoafora.com

2. Stairs Design Ideas Also Storage Places

The ladder function helps us to go up and down from top to bottom. But other forms and functions can be made. One of them is like this, suitable for small houses. Functional, practical and able to store lots of things.

Under Stair Storage ideas

Under Stair Storage ideas – source: evakuatorspb.com

Under Stairs Cabinet New Home

Under Stairs Cabinet New Home – source: frankhouse.org

3. Stairs Design Ideas Made Of Wood

For those of you lovers of rural style this time, we provide staircase design ideas with beautiful wood material as your inspiration.

Wood Stairs Ideas

Wood Stairs Ideas – source: showday.co

Wood Stairs Model

Wood Stairs Model – source: completestairsystems.co.uk

4. Glass And Metal Stairs Design Ideas

This staircase design idea has an elegant appearance, with glass and metal. So that the appearance of the stairs seems interesting.

Glass Staircase

Glass Staircase – source: glassonweb.com

Spiral Staircase Designs

Spiral Staircase Designs – source: homeandlivingdecor.com

5. White Stairs Design Ideas

For small rooms, white is your best friend. Neutral receives a good light and gives an impression of the unlimited area.

White Stairs

White Stairs – source: dewdirectory.com

Wood And White Stairs

Wood And White Stairs – source: pinotevil.com

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