10 Attractive Bench Storage Designs for Your Beautiful Interior

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Do you have a small living room that seems impossible to place a storage area? Lately, it seems that even in big houses, formal family rooms are getting smaller.

Many of these family rooms are designed so that all four sides have entrances, windows or televisions that make all storage options.

If your home is experiencing a ‘space crisis’ to store goods, then having a storage bench can be a solution. Storage bench is basically a furniture innovation bench, this bench has an additional function, namely as a container for storing goods.

Stylish Storage Bench Entryway

Stylish Storage Bench Entryway

The advantage of this storage bench is not only multifunctional furniture, but storage benches can also appear in various shapes, in each room, and in various decorating concepts. Storage benches can be placed in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and outdoor space. Take a look at some of the attractive bench storage designs for you to have!

1. Storage Bench For Bench As A Shoe Rack

Storage space on a bench that is commonly used is to store shoes. You as a user can immediately wear shoes stored on the bench while sitting. This bench as a shoe rack is very suitable to be placed in the entrance area or porch.

Shoes rack wood cabinet

Shoes rack wood cabinet – source: shop.widaryanto.info

Simple modern shoes Cabinets

Simple modern shoes Cabinets – source: buyinchinese.com

2. Versatile Wooden Furniture Stools

Storage from the bench for outdoor areas can be used to store garden tools, and to store decorative pillows. By protecting the pillow from the weather and heavy rain, the durability of stored items is also maintained from the weather and moisture.

Black Storage Bench Seat

Black Storage Bench Seat – source: lindaglamoursims2.com

How To Design A Mudroom

How To Design A Mudroom – source: moving.bedbathandbeyond.com

3. Stool Storage for Storage of Children’s Toys

If you want to make a neat and organized children’s playroom area that is neat and organized, placing a storage bench is the most effective solution. In this case, the storage section on the bench must be designed like an empty shelf that can then be filled with toy baskets.

Beautiful bench with storage

Beautiful bench with storage – source: lining-shop.info

DIY storage bench ideas

DIY storage bench ideas – source: stuckintech.online

4. Bench Storage as a Unique Decoration Element

In addition to its main function as furniture, storage benches can also be a unique decorative element. Storage benches have a variety of shapes and colors. Storage bench designed with antiques, for example, storing valuables on this bench is the same as storing valuable memories. Suitable for you who like nostalgia.

Awesome Storage Bench

Awesome Storage Bench – source: containerstore.com

Stylish Storage Bench Entryway

Stylish Storage Bench Entryway – source: bullhomeimprovement.com

5. Bench Storage As Corner Furniture

Placing a built-in bench under a wide window can be a pleasant place to read a book. Did you know that you can save space when the bottom of the bench serves as a bookshelf? You simply pull the book from the shelf under the bench and lean back immediately. To create a comfortable reading area, provide decorative pillows and soft pillows.

Corner Room With Storage

Corner Room With Storage – source: kixtrix.com

Corner Storage Bench

Corner Storage Bench – source: crawfordpublications.info

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