Interested To Build A Courtyard? Here Are 15 Awesome Courtyard Designs For Inspiration

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For those of you fans of architectural design, the term courtyard may be familiar. The courtyard itself is an empty space surrounded by buildings. The Courtyard itself has been part of the home architecture for thousands of years BC. In the past, the yard was built with various needs such as cooking, gathering, working, gardening, and sleeping.

At present this empty space is still often presented and more often we know it as a park in the middle of a house. These gardens are usually filled with various types of ornamental plants to fountains to add to the beauty of the house. Courtyard in the house not only beautify but also can give a wider impression on a small house.

Awesome Courtyard Designs

Awesome Courtyard Designs

Intend to make a courtyard in your house? Here are some examples of courtyard designs you must see.

1. Green Garden Residence

Making the yard all green, not only makes the atmosphere more beautiful, but this courtyard can also be used for children’s playgrounds or just sit drinking tea in the afternoon.

Courtyard Garden Design

Courtyard Garden Design – source:

Modern Green Courtyard

Modern Green Courtyard – source:

Small courtyard garden

Small courtyard garden – source:

2. Semi-Separate Modern Tropical House Architecture

The courtyard in the middle of the house is built with a simple, equipped with fountains and various ornamental plants that cool the atmosphere. Also makes you still feel the fresh air from the garden even though you are inside the house.

Courtyard Fountains

Courtyard Fountains – source:

French Courtyard

French Courtyard – source:

spanish courtyard design

spanish courtyard design – source:

3. Korean-style Courtyards

Until now homes and traditional homes in rural Korea still have a courtyard in the middle of the house. Not only the courtyard, courtyard in the middle of this house they usually eat together or just chat with fellow family members.

Korean Courtyard Design

Korean Courtyard Design – source:

Korean Garden Court

Korean Garden Court – source:

korean style open courtyard

korean style open courtyard – source:

4. Japanese-style Courtyards

The Japanese themselves actually have a distinctive garden design known as the Zen Garden. The Zen Garden is inspired by ordinary gardens in Buddhist temples. Zen gardens usually consist of rocks, gravel, and sometimes equipped with a flowing pool. You can also make this beautiful atmosphere an inspiration to build a yard in your home.

Japanese Courtyard

Japanese Courtyard – source:

Japanese garden courtyard

Japanese garden courtyard – source:

japanese style courtyard

japanese style courtyard – source:

5. European-style Courtyards

Just like the Korean and Japanese style pages, Europe also has its own style which is of course no less interesting to be inspired. Europe is thick with the stone material they use. You can imitate it by installing a shower with a statue or using natural stone materials around it.

Courtyards in the Landscape

Courtyards in the Landscape – source:

Impressive Courtyard Design

Impressive Courtyard Design – source:

spanish style courtyard

spanish style courtyard – source:

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