How to Set a Formal Table: 40 Ultimate Formal Place Setting Guides

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If you are hosting a special occasion like Thanksgiving or Christmas, a more formal table setting is required. If you think that setting a dinner table is a hard thing to do, then, I don’t think so. Today, the modern art of formal place setting for a dinner table is not as difficult as it seems when you understand a few basics.

Transforming your informal table setting into a more formal dinner table is quite simple that you just need to add crisp and sparkling dishes, glassware, and utensils for the foods and beverages you serve to your guests with the additional courses.

Ultimate Formal Table Place Setting Guides 27

The basic rule that you need to know is that you place the utensils in the order of use (from the outside in). Then, the next rule is placing spoons and knives going to the right and setting the forks going to the left of the plate. The final rule is keeping in mind that you only set the table with utensils you will use.

If you need some inspiring guides, we’d like to share you on How to Set a Formal Table: 40 Ultimate Formal Place Setting Guides that we have collected around the web below!

Making dining more comfortable is a must when you invite guests in a formal occasion. A proper formal place setting help to follow the logical progression of the meal.

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