Decorate Your Home Wall With Mural Tape Technique: 20+ Best Picture Ideas

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Maybe you will be bored when you per the handle to see the walls of your house because in general, the walls of the house are plain colored without any shades at all. And also the color that is applied to the walls of our house is white and slightly dark.

Not having bright colors but not having a fixed style will make us saturated. And to decorate the walls of our homes is not as easy and as simple as the two of us. Because when we provide a different color or mix of colors on the wall we instead give the usual and monotonous look.

And make only a few changes to our wall. What if you do reflections in the way and tricks that are now popular today. Namely decorating our walls with Masking Tape tricks or tape murals.

Masking Tape Wall Art

Masking Tape Wall Art

Where this trick uses masking tape to form the motif on our wall, it sounds easy but also difficult. But this trick is not as difficult as we build, you just need some tools like a brush or paint roller, wall paint, masking tape, newspaper, sandpaper, sponge, and air.

For making the pattern on your wall can be according to your taste, but you do not need a difficult battle because of the elegant but simple look is a combination of straight lines that are made using masking tape on the wall of our wall. For your easier, we have prepared some inspiration masking tape or mural tape is very interesting. Take a look our best ideas below:

Hopefully, this inspiration can help you in making your home decor for your home and home.

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