9 Inspirational Container House Designs for New Homes

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Getting interested in alternative housing? Container houses are now gaining popularity and can be chosen. Containers are used as building materials because they are more affordable without maintenance and special ways to build.

Before making it, it helps you learn the design drawings of container house architecture as inspiration.

Container house is a smart new breakthrough in the field of architecture. This unique and bag-friendly shape can defeat conventional conventions. Even the budget to build a container house can be less than 100 million!

Container House Design

Container House Design

Its mobile nature can be the right solution for those of you who want to have a house with minimal funds.

The following are various container house designs that might be suitable for your home.

1. Container House with Swimming Pool

The first example you see is a container house with a swimming pool outside. This house looks amazing because of the swimming pool. This design idea feels comfortable and beautiful for you to have.

Australian Container House Pool

Australian Container House Pool – source: socialhub.moderalofts.com

Container House Pools

Container House Pools – source: modulatecontainers.com.au

Container House with Small Swimming Pool

Container House with Small Swimming Pool – source: pinterest.nz

2. A House with Two Containers

One house in two containers is a unique idea. You can use one container for general use as a reception area, guest bed, and so on.

However, other containers can be used as private areas and family gatherings.

A House with Two Containers

A House with Two Containers – source: www.pinterest.ru

Awesome Two Containers House

Awesome Two Containers House – source: discoverdesign.org

Luxury Container House Design

Luxury Container House Design – source: moolton.com

3. Container Houses with Backyard

If you want to have a large playground, you can buy a container, then leave the land.

This leftover land you can use to create a children’s playground.

Container House Design

Container House Design – source: teracee.com

Container Houses with Backyard

Container Houses with Backyard – source: beltramiswcd.org

Container Tiny House

Container Tiny House – source: containify.com.au

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