9 Beautiful Home Interior Decorations in Bohemian Style

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Bohemian is a design style that is free, disheveled, but not cluttered. This term itself has been around for a long time since the mid 1800s. This word appears to describe the lifestyle of non-traditional people who move around. Then this name becomes more synonymous with the word gypsy.

Bohemian style decor is certainly uncertain and irregular. This style itself is a colorful style and mixed with ethnicity, hippies, and vintage.

The casual and informal impression is felt in this style. If explained this style is a combination of various elements such as color, materials are mixed without the need to feel mistakes.

Chic Bohemian Interior Ideas

Chic Bohemian Interior Ideas

That’s how bohemian expresses his style. Despite having similar features, two rooms in a bohemian style will never look exactly the same.

Here are some Bohemian design styles that can be your guide to decorating Bohemian styles.

1. Textile material

Textile or fabric material is the most important thing to highlight the bohemian style design. Various patterns, colors, textures on combination textile fabrics do not need to look harmonious with each other. Only requires a contrasting appearance and various patterns can create a bohemian impression. The more patterns that appear on the fabric will further strengthen this style.

Amazing Bohemian Chic Interiors

Amazing Bohemian Chic Interiors – source: pinterest.fr

Bohemian decorations for the fall

Bohemian decorations for the fall – source: trendyhomedecorations.com

Decorating with Peruvian Textiles Garfield

Decorating with Peruvian Textiles Garfield – source: pinterest.com

2. Lighting

Room lighting with bohemian style will be very influential. Natural lighting and lighting from lamps will produce a different atmosphere for the room. Complete the room with a large window so that natural light can enter the room. Stained glass can also make the room more beautiful in the day or night. Ethnic style pendants or lanterns can also be used to strengthen the bohemian style.

Bohemian Interior Designs

Bohemian Interior Designs – source: tr.pinterest.com

bohemian room design ideas

bohemian room design ideas – source: pixel.changeofheartbook.com

Chic Bohemian Interior Ideas

Chic Bohemian Interior Ideas – source: pinterest.ru

3. Furniture

Furniture used to display a bohemian impression usually looks antique and old. Furniture from various periods and places are collected in one place. Vintage style furniture is the most often used in bohemian style decoration, but of course it is equipped with fabrics that have unique accents or motifs.

Antique Bohemian Interior Designs

Antique Bohemian Interior Designs – source: yandex.kz

Boho style furniture and home decor ideas

Boho style furniture and home decor ideas – source: furniprice.com

Marvelous Bohemian Living Room Ideas

Marvelous Bohemian Living Room Ideas – source: roomerve.com

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