8 Most Popular Succulents Types To Decorate Your Home

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Funny succulent or cactus trends have become one of the interesting elements of interior decoration. There is a natural tropical impression that is lifted, making the succulent the ideal sweetener of the room.

Succulents Types To Decorate Your Home

Succulents Types To Decorate Your Home

If you need a succulent decorating idea, just look at the 8 succulent styles that you can try with us!

1. Panda Cactus

As funny as the name suggests, this delicious panda is characterized by black stains on the top of the leaves. In addition, this fresh surface is also covered with soft white fur.

The shape of the succulent cactus or panda is also relatively small so it is suitable to be used as a room decoration such as on a shelf or work desk. No need for a large location or extra pots, panda cactus can be a choice of succulent decorations that are practical and sweet for anyone too!

Panda Succulent Plants

Panda Succulent Plants – source: pinterest.ru

2. Succulent Roseum (Pink Moonstone)

The following is a unique succulent that can be your home decoration. The shape is cute and on average does not exceed 15cm, with partial colors ranging from red to natural green.

Suitable for placement as a succulent decoration in the room or placed close to the window of the house. If it succeeds in flowering, this succulent can produce a pink star-shaped flower that hits.

Pink Moonstones

Pink Moonstones – source: pinterest.ca

3. Sedum Succulent (Donkey Tail)

Not only mini-size but also succulent or also called tail donkey (Burro’s Tail) also has a beautiful character with a thick leaf structure that is tied as a whole like a donkey’s tail that can dangle up to 60 cm down.

Still a type of cactus, succulent is easily treated without much and is also quite easy to breed. Keep hanging inside or outside the house, the delicious donkey tail is guaranteed to attract attention and make everyone look cool.

Sedum Succulent

Sedum Succulent – source: shopozz.ru

4. Succulent Jade

Also a unique type of succulent, the jade cactus looks like a beautiful mini tree. Supported by a thick main stem in the middle, jade succulent leaves sprang up from all sides so that they looked lively and charming. When flowering, jade succulents will produce pink and white star-shaped flowers.

Succulent Jade Plant

Succulent Jade Plant – source: licalliance.org

5. Succulent Zebra

Cactus or succulent zebra is a choice that will be reminiscent of the lines on the zebra’s body. This succulent is filled with the same marks so that it adds its own uniqueness compared to other succulents.

Succulent zebra ornamental plants generally do not grow more than 15 cm and are suitable for placement in small pots to accommodate shallow roots. If flowering, the succulent zebra will give rise to an equally beautiful yellow flower.

Succulent Zebra

Succulent Zebra – source: etsy.com

6. Gold Ball Cactus

Cactus which is part of succulent has one type of adorable cactus that is sure to attract attention. The golden ball cactus is a type of succulent inspired by its name, which is round in shape with a height of about 60 cm and filled with ordinary thorns with a golden yellow tip.

In the flowering season, this succulent will also be filled with beautiful flower groups. Guaranteed to be an additional decoration for a garden that is unmatched!

Gold Ball Cactus

Gold Ball Cactus – source: etsy.com

7. Echeveria Minima

Want to be succulent that doesn’t need much care, rarely has to be watered or moved for sunlight? Just try the delicious Ecevera Minima with striking distinctive colors.

With the appearance of piling up and going up to open, this succulent can be thick green or added to a purplish red tinge on the tip of the leaf. The shape is also not large and suitable as a sweetener of workspace at home.

Echeveria Minima

Echeveria Minima – source: pinterest.ru

8. Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera

This not only decorates the house as a delicious decoration that is beautiful and familiar to the eye but also has undoubted health benefits.

Aloe vera treatment is also easy with priority using dry land, occasionally watered and left to dry in areas exposed to sunlight. Guaranteed aloe vera plants thrive and bloom perfectly.

beauty aloe vera

beauty aloe vera – source: synthesisorganics.com

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