47 Stunning Sunken Garden Ideas

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Have you ever heard about a Sunken garden? If you are familiar with an English garden style then you might now what it is. The Sunken garden is a formal, traditional English-style garden which is also known as Olbrich’s oldest garden. It was was actually a rose mall in 1952 and has since been transformed into the present day garden.

Why it is called as a Sunken garden is because of its rectangular and symmetrical garden with the two-foot drop from the edges of the garden. It becomes a botanical paradise in the midst of a bustling city.

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Now, there are many gardens which are inspired by the original Sunken garden. You can find many tropical plants, exotic plants, beautiful floral shows, and sometimes cascading waterfalls. When you step in a Sunken garden, you may feel that you are in an outdoor room.

Want to know more Sunken garden designs? Check out our 47 Stunning Sunken Garden Ideas that we have collected around the web!

Stepping in a Sunken garden is so perfect for a romantic walk, chatting with friends, bonding with family or even for a curious exploration.


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