20+ Simple And Beautiful Bird Drinking Place Design in Your Garden

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Do you have a bird sanctuary in your unused garden? or do you want to add your garden decoration to be more interesting and beautiful? then you can try the following creative ideas.

Where this creative idea is to make vase plants use and take advantage of the birds that are not used or new ones. a bird drinking place that usually contains only drinking the water of a dirty bird.

Now you can make a vase of plants by using a place to drink birds. This vase will look like a unique vase with a very long size. because Generally, the place to drink birds is long.

Birdbath Planter 2

Birdbath Planter 2

By using this bird drinking place you can also put a lot of plants that are pretty and creepy or also you can just put a small flower on this vase so this vase will look more beautiful.

Although in general, the vase with a place to drink this bird does not have a deep enough depth volume to be made in a pot. but with the width of the volume can cover the shortfall. So the root of the flower will spread flat on the pot.

How? looks beautiful and unique rather than vase from this bird drinking place. if you are interested to try it then you must prepare a place to drink birds first and then prepare lots of flowers to place an in vase.

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