20 Amazing Ideas To Make Your Home Floor Be More Elegant With Burnt Wood

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The simple and uninteresting floor of the house is often made us saturated, how not just a normal floor will certainly reduce our appeal to get into our homes.

But different if we have a clean floor, and has a unique color and motif. Are you curious about this one-floor shape? just calm down as you will know after this. Decorating your home is not just focusing on the furniture and wall display and decoration of the decoration you use.

Because you also must pay attention to the condition of your home floor which however has its own charm if it has a beautifully unique look. You also do not have to focus on the use of ceramics as a material for your home floor.

Burnt Hardwood Flooring

Burnt Hardwood Flooring

Because wooden beams can also be used as material to create a beautiful and elegant floor. Recently very popular with wooden floor decoration, where the floor is called Burnt PlyWood, which is a wooden floor motif of wood fibers will be more highlighted by burning a layer of wood.

With blackening of wood fiber, will give an elegant motif under your feet, so you do not have to be bored again to see and enter into your home. in addition, you also do not have to worry about having similarities with others, because every wood motif has its own characteristics. Here are some examples of Burnt PlyWood inspiration :


How? elegant and beautiful is not it. now it’s time for you to decorate your home floor is less fun.

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