15 Beautiful Japanese Home Design Ideas You Must Have

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Japan is a unique country in many ways. Starting from places to visit, places to eat, and cosmetics to become a popular tourist destination in Indonesia. One of the extraordinary and beautiful architectures is the house, in addition to the many beautiful and creative shops that we see in every region in Japan.

Some locations in the city and in the village will have different designs. But Japan is an island that is not large and has limited living space. To build a house, it is necessary to consider the layout and use space to maximize it.

Japanese Home Design Ideas

Japanese Home Design Ideas

Today we want to introduce a Japanese-style house for your idea of building a house.

1. Country House

This house is an ancient square. The identity that we see in the countryside. Warm and charming.

Japan architecture buildings

Japan architecture buildings – source: hdwallsbox.com

Japanese Country House

Japanese Country House – source: pinterest.ru

Typical Japanese Country House

Typical Japanese Country House – source: fineartameria.com

2. Modern House With Rock Garden

Another distinctive design of a Japanese house is a simple stone garden. This applies to the design of a shared house.

Japanese Garden Yard

Japanese Garden Yard – source: wallup.net

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden – source: homedezign.net

Modern Japan Tiny House

Modern Japan Tiny House – source: bluezoowriters.com

3. Houses With Attic

This house is designed attractively with a large and prominent roof from the house. There are also small rooms under the roof. For city views, this looks ancient and charming.

Houses with Attic

Houses with Attic – source: yandex.com

Japanese Samurai House

Japanese Samurai House – source: yunphoto.net

Japanese Tea House Plans

Japanese Tea House Plans – source: kmassproperty.com

4. Wooden Houses In The Park

This one is a unique Japanese heritage house. The wooden house in this park emphasizes clean air surrounded by a garden.

extraordinary Japanese houses

extraordinary Japanese houses – source: johntavaglioneforcongress.com

Haunted House Ideas

Haunted House Ideas – source: finaldayr.blogspot.com

Traditional Japanese House

Traditional Japanese House – source: beeyoutifullife.com

5. Box House

Some houses in Japan are on a hill, like this box house built on a hill. This is a simple house that focuses on a useful area with lots of rooms that are enough for members of the house.

Box House in Japan

Box House in Japan – source: workingholiday-canada.info

Box Wood House

Box Wood House – source: busyboo.com

Modern Hillside House

Modern Hillside House – source: homeadore.com

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