14 Lovely Minimalist Kitchen Rack Designs For Smart Moms

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For many families, the kitchen is the point or center of a house. It’s not just mothers who are busy spending time in the kitchen, but all family members also often gather in this room. So, it’s not wrong if you spend more time considering the design of the kitchen, including for a minimalist kitchen shelf.

For those of you who need the idea of ​​a minimalist kitchen shelf, immediately start seeing the following cool and unique inspirations.

Minimalist Kitchen Rack Designs

Minimalist Kitchen Rack Designs

1. Simple & Free – Best Minimalist Functions

The white color will dominate the minimalist kitchen shelf choice because it is closely related to the theme of modern minimalism. No need to worry about dirty stains, because smart mothers with effective shelves of minimalist kitchens will definitely facilitate the entire kitchen work. For example, inspiring this beautiful minimalist kitchen shelf. In addition to maximum storage, the curved style of a minimalist kitchen shelf design also looks contemporary, neat and elegant.

Minimalist white kitchen

Minimalist white kitchen – source: www.decoist.com

white kitchen

white kitchen – source: dwellingdecor.com

2. Minimal & Large Minimalist Kitchen Shelves

The main convenience in a minimalist kitchen rack is free from the hassle of thinking too flamboyant or extra designs. Enough with a plain minimalist kitchen shelf design, you can achieve the most charming aura of minimalism. The use of a large minimalist kitchen shelf the size of a closet is also far from boring words, especially if combined with the shelves of a minimalist central kitchen that is multifunctional.

white kitchen stools

white kitchen stools – source: stoneamperor.com.sg

White Minimalist Kitchen Corner

White Minimalist Kitchen Corner – source: investmontserrat.com

3. Standard But Elegant Minimalist Kitchen Shelves

The minimalist kitchen shelf inspiration this one appears in a standard design on one side of the kitchen wall which is also not very wide. But do not doubt the function and minimalist-style beauty of a minimalist kitchen shelf, especially because of the Scandinavian touch on dining room furniture and the use of bright bright colors.

Kitchen Islands Scandinavian

Kitchen Islands Scandinavian – source: pinterest.ca

scandinavian kitchen design

scandinavian kitchen design – source: caddownloadweb.com

4. Play Color Doll House Style

Want color other than white on a minimalist kitchen shelf? Can! Just imitate the inspiration of this adorable minimalist kitchen shelf with a touch of retro design, aka a funny old school. Racking a minimalist kitchen at the top looks separate but is present as a fairly uniform unit. To be sure, this minimalist kitchen shelf will make you feel at home because of its cute shape and style like a doll house.

funny old school style

funny old school style – source: kitchenexpert.pl

Kitchen models

Kitchen models – source: sdlp.us

5. A Minimalist Kitchen Shelves Combination With Wood

At a glance, this minimalist kitchen rack is indeed not impressive in terms of design. However, the use of wood material adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen room in a striking and natural way. Storage for kitchen tableware can also be facilitated well so as to make it easier for users as well as a display for unique and displayable kitchen utensils.

Kitchen Shelves with Wood

Kitchen Shelves with Wood – source: pinterest.ru

the use of wood material

the use of wood material – source: us.toluna.com

6. Futuristic Accents On Minimalist Kitchen Shelves

It’s time to switch to a darker choice of color shelves for a minimalist kitchen. Display of a minimalist kitchen shelf this one looks elegant and full of character, but far from the dark impression thanks to the application of copper color as a contrast of the dark color of the wood. In terms of design, this minimalist kitchen rack is also not excessive aka minimalist, but the results actually seem modern to futuristic!

copper finish cabinetry

copper finish cabinetry – source: rumahkuunik.com

Dark Kitchen

Dark Kitchen – source: myhomeproducts.com

7. Unique & Practical, Minimalist Style Rack Design

Dare to try this eccentric kitchen style minimalist shelf? With the concept of floating, this kitchen room does not take up a lot of space and is suitable for those of you who like a practical lifestyle in the kitchen. Medium-sized storage is ensured that it can accommodate all kitchen needs, as well as being a display container for kitchen knick-knacks. Affairs of cleaning the house are also guaranteed easy thanks to this floating shelf.

eccentric kitchen style

eccentric kitchen style – source: spazioitalia.ru

the concept of floating

the concept of floating – source: hramov.uwork.ru

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