12 Unique DIY Terrarium Decorations That You Can Make It Yourself!

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The existence of ornamental plants in the room can indeed provide a sense of relaxation while improving mood. However, the narrow area of ​​the room actually limits the placement of ornamental plants. With a terrarium, not only the beauty of the garden can be directly presented on the table.

This garden innovation in a glass was discovered accidentally in an experiment by scientist Nathaniel B. Ward. At that time Ward was designing a mini ecosystem in a chemical tube. Since Ward’s experiments succeeded, terrariums were widely applied by ornamental plant lovers.

Unique DIY Terrarium Decorations

Unique DIY Terrarium Decorations

Now the glass container for a terrarium is more varied in shape. Not only glass vases, but some objects around the house can also be used to make their own terrarium. Let’s look at some of the following unique terrarium decorations to decorate the interior and try making your own!

1. Terrarium Of A Glass Cup

A simple container that can be used as a terrarium is a glass cup. The concept of a water park is suitable for application in glass cups. Therefore, choose water plants that do not require a large surface to grow. Because of its small size, a terrarium from a glass cup can be used as a sweetener on the table.

Flower Gardening

Flower Gardening – source: flower-gardening2007.blogspot.com

Terrarium Design

Terrarium Design – source: jihanshanum.com

2. Air Plant From Light Bulb

Light bulbs that have expired should not be discarded first. Unplug the electrical device inside the Light bulb and replace the contents with planting media and terrarium plants. Just like a functioning lamp, a terrarium from a bolt lamp can be hung in the ceiling by installing a rope at the end.

Air Plant

Air Plant – source: time-go.ru

DIY Light Bulb

DIY Light Bulb – source: diply.com

3. Terrarium For Wall Decoration

In addition to being placed on furniture and hanging on the ceiling area, the terrarium can also be used as an attractive wall decoration using a used acrylic box.

Stick the clothes hanging on the wall, then hang the slanted terrarium from the acrylic box that has been hollowed out beforehand so that the shape looks like a diamond. The concept of a terrarium can be made like a dry garden so that it fits as a wall decoration in a minimalist room.

Best diamond shaped wall hanging terrariums

Best diamond-shaped wall hanging terrariums – source: nymag.com

Wall hanging planter

Wall hanging planter – source: guide.alibaba.com

4. Terrarium From Various Glass Containers

Glass jars, flower vases, and aquarium containers can be a good medium for terrariums. These containers are larger than most terrarium vases so that you can plant a variety of larger sized terrarium plants. Large air holes also provide a good airing effect for plant growth.

Glass Terrarium

Glass Terrarium – source: pinterest.ru

House Plant on Glass Bottle

House Plant on Glass Bottle – source: m.yandex.com.tr

5. Terrarium Of Mason Jar

Among DIY lovers, the mason jar is known to be very versatile and easily modified into various decorative accessories. Making it as a container for terrarium was apparently no less interesting. In addition to Mason Jar, glass bottles and glasses include beverage containers that can also be used for terrariums.

Beautiful Mason Jar Gardens

Beautiful Mason Jar Gardens – source: decoration724.com

Mason Jar Terrarium

Mason Jar Terrarium – source: mynativity.com

6. Modern Terrarium From The Accessories Container

Take advantage of glass or acrylic jewelry boxes as a medium for terrariums. When it is filled with planting media and terrarium plants, the look of the accessory box is similar to a modern, luxurious terrarium container. Place this container on your desk to radiate freshness.

Modern terrarium

Modern terrarium – source: tawneemadlenwalker.com

luxurious terrarium container

luxurious terrarium container – source: aliwizard.com

Do you know which try terrarium creation? If you succeed in making your own terrarium, pay attention to how to treat it, too

The treatment of plants that grow in the terrarium is like treating ornamental plants in pots in general. The need for water can be fulfilled by watering it regularly, but the watering period can last longer, 2-4 weeks for example so that the condition is not too humid.

Good luck!

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