12 Retro-Style Kitchen Design Ideas For The Convenience Of Your Cooking

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Retro style gives a charming and playful feel to your kitchen. Combining bright colors and vintage furnishings, the retro kitchen will portray a vibrant person. If you think that this renovation will cost a lot, then you are wrong.

Here we have summarized some interesting ideas about how to build a retro-style kitchen that is comfortable for you. Hopefully useful and can inspire you.

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12 Retro-Style Kitchen Design Ideas For The Convenience Of Your Cooking

1. Gingham Tile Floor Pattern

Plaid flooring will create a retro feel to your kitchen. The use of monochrome colors is perfect for this floor. You can choose black and white for classic shades, or red and white colors for a firmer retro concept.

01 Gingham Tile Floor Pattern 01

Gingham Tile Floor Pattern 01 – source: homedit.com

01 Gingham Tile Floor Pattern 02

Gingham Tile Floor Pattern 02 – source: homedit.com

2. Red in the kitchen

Red is the right color to describe a retro kitchen. Use red as the main color or accent color to create contrast with neutral color choices.

02 Red in the kitchen 01

Red in the kitchen 01 – source: chalkinteriors.com

02 Red in the kitchen 02

Red in the kitchen 02 – source: homedit.com

3. Antique Furniture

Using antique furniture is the most powerful way to build a retro-style kitchen. The old school impression that is displayed is very distinctive and has its own aesthetic value for the audience.

03 Antique Furniture 01

Antique Furniture 01 – source: dwellideas.com

03 Antique Furniture 02

Antique Furniture 02 – source: bestdesignideas.com

4. Stripes Motives

Rooms or furniture with striped motifs can also give a retro impression to the kitchen. This motif can give a pleasant and cheerful personal impression to the room.

04 Stripes Motives 01

Stripes Motives 01 – source: homedit.com

04 Stripes Motives 02

Stripes Motives 02 – source: housebeautiful.com

5. Wall decoration

To decorate an empty wall, display some vintage-style pictures and quotes. You can create a wall gallery behind the kitchen table and of course, you can customize it according to your taste.

05 Wall decoration 01

Wall decoration 01 – source: homedit.com

05 Wall decoration 02

Wall decoration 02 – source: ucsdjsa.org

6. Pastel colored cabinet

When designing a retro-style kitchen, you have to think about the color and model of the cabinet shelf that is similar because this one furniture can damage the overall theme. Try choosing matching pastel colors.

06 Pastel colored cabinet 01

Pastel colored cabinet 01 – source: eleven11kitchen.com

06 Pastel colored cabinet 02

Pastel colored cabinet 02 – source: blurmark.com

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