12 Beautiful Residential Foyer Designs For Your Minimalist Home

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Previously, what was a foyer? You could say the foyer is a transitional space. Called a transition because of its location between the terrace and the living room or terrace with the family room.

Seeing the placement, it is clear that the function of the foyer is as a reception room (for homeowners who do not have a living room) or a transit room before guests enter the main room.

Residential Foyer Designs

Residential Foyer Designs

Although it looks simple, the foyer has a very important function. Because this is where guests first get the impression of your residence. He will look at the interior of the house while waiting in the “transit” room. Therefore, beautify the foyer design so that guests get a good first impression. These are some foyer designs with beautiful concepts for your inspiration.

1. Large Mirror Is Available

Notice the little things in the foyer design, for example adding a mirror to the wall. This is quite important because this is a form of the facility provided by the homeowner to the guests who come to visit. They can correct makeup and appearance before meeting the homeowner.

Decorating A Foyer With Mirror

Decorating A Foyer With Mirror – source: windowswallpapers.net

Foyer Mirror Design

Foyer Mirror Design – source: wallmirrors.eu

Foyer Mirror

Foyer Mirror – source: pinterest.com

2. Minimalist Home Foyer Concept

For those who want a simple display in their house, they can emulate the inspiration foyer design above. No need to be “excited”, the residence that has been designed with all-white only put chairs. The unique cutting chair model is perfect for attracting guests’ attention. This foyer design is suitable for a minimalist home.

Minimalist Concept

Minimalist Concept – source: bluprin.com

Minimalist Foyer Decorating Ideas

Minimalist Foyer Decorating Ideas – source: pinterest.com

Minimalist Ideas

Minimalist Ideas – source: waveavenue.com

3. There Is A Separation Barrier

Do not want the space inside the house to be exposed to the outside, you can follow the foyer design inspiration above. Separator partition is added so that the privacy area is maintained. However, so that space does not appear to be narrow, the concept of dividing separators is made unique by adding columns to mirrors. This idea is quite clever for a tiny sized foyer.

Best Foyer Ideas

Best Foyer Ideas – source: pinterest.com

Foyer Design

Foyer Design – source: livspace.com

the concept of dividing separators

the concept of dividing separators – source: tmweb.ru

4. Stretch Vintage Concepts

To give a good first impression to guests who come to visit, you must provide a theme to the residential foyer design. If you want to carry a vintage theme, the project photo above can be an inspiration. The designer placed two chairs and one cupboard shelf with a vintage design. Then, adding a large mirror with a unique cut like a sunflower as a focal point.

foyer wall decor ideas

foyer wall decor ideas – source: movarlife.info

Marvelous Vintage Foyer

Marvelous Vintage Foyer – source: the-window.info

Vintage Foyer Ideas

Vintage Foyer Ideas – source: pinterest.ru

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