10 Stylish Home Bar Designs That Make You Relaxed

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Some people spend their time going to the bar just to drink or taste a cocktail. But sometimes not everyone is comfortable with a public bar. Bars that are too crowded make you right and late. What’s more, the bar that is opened in general at night really makes you tired of traveling especially after a day of work.

One solution you can casually enjoy your drink and still feel relaxed is to have a bar in the house.

Home Bar Designs

Home Bar Designs

It doesn’t need to be as big as a bar in general, some of these home bar designs can inspire you to have a home bar.

1. Elegant Home Bar

Home bars combined with dark colors from wood, wooden floors, and open cabins are very elegant. With enough lighting from the lamp and unusual light, bulb design makes people see it focus on drink bottles on the shelf.

Beautiful Home Bar

Beautiful Home Bar – source: yandex.com

Modern Home Bar ideas

Modern Home Bar ideas – source: pinterest.com

2. Vintage Home Bar

This one closed bar model gives the impression of a wine cellar in the basement. With exposed material, this bar gives rise to a vintage style. The combination of exposed bricks on the walls, stone tiles, and wooden shelves blends in one color.

Closed bar model

Closed bar model – source: ideenurk.ee

Vintage Home Bar

Vintage Home Bar – source: lipea.cz

3. Chalkboard Bar

This small bar is suitable for you who are young at heart. The room with a dominant white color has managed to accentuate the bar shelf with its contrast. The shelf at the bar also has its own uniqueness with the cabin cover in the form of a chalkboard. You can draw your bar shelf as you wish.

Chalkboard Bar

Chalkboard Bar – source: dekoruma.com

Small bar

Small bar – source: aliexpress.com

4. Hidden Mini Bar

This one bar design really saves space in your house. This mini bar is located inside a table in the living room. Besides being easy to reach, you can keep a bar like this from your friends so that your friends don’t often drink at your house.

Home Mini Bars

Home Mini Bars – source: sadiracetvous.com

Mini bar side tables and coffee tables

Minibar side tables and coffee tables – source: cowr.info

5. Under stairs Bar

Who would have thought that the space below you could be used for this one design? In addition to the wooden shelf attached to the wall, there is also a drink cooler rack. Two hanging lights give a unique impression to this bar. When you don’t need a bar, this bar can also be closed with a door. The design of the home bar is quite practical right.

Under stairs bar

Under stairs bar – source: pinterest.com

Unique Bar

Unique Bar – source: pinterest.com

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