10 Elegant Sliding Door Designs That Make Your Occupancy More Perfect

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The sliding door is a new model of the current door shape. Its use is not only at the door but also in cars and other equipment. This door is considered to have a higher aesthetic value than others.

Sliding doors are a form of modern creation on the door that is designed more unique and attractive. Now sliding doors are widely used as complementary types of furniture such as wardrobes, household furniture or book desks.

Elegant Sliding Door Designs

Elegant Sliding Door Designs

In addition to minimalism, the sliding door also only requires a little space, so it can save space and look practical and neat. But this tool certainly has its drawbacks, namely components that have more complexity, so if they are damaged they need more accuracy to fix them.

Materials from sliding doors also vary, such as wood, glass and so on.

Below are some inspirational sliding doors that can make your home look wider.

1. Wooden Sliding Door

Solid and opaque wood materials make this type of sliding door suitable to limit the space that does require privacy.

Luxury Double Barn Doors

Luxury Double Barn Doors – Source: gamezmenu.com

outdoor sliding door hardware

outdoor sliding door hardware – Source: rakminimarket.co

White Barn Door Images

White Barn Door Images – Source: slowfoodokc.com

Wooden sliding doors TWO SQUARE

Wooden sliding doors TWO SQUARE – Source: oldstyl.eu

2. Opaque Glass Sliding Doors

In a closed position, this type of sliding door will limit the vision of another room. But light can still enter through frosted glass. You can choose a frosted glass motif to adjust to the concept or character of the room.

Bedroom Ideas Unique

Bedroom Ideas Unique – Source: dogearnation.com

Glass Sliding Barn Door with Retro Minimalist Style Design

Glass Sliding Barn Door with Retro Minimalist Style Design – Source: glass-door.us

Some Exotic Design of Sliding Door Will Amaze You

Some Exotic Design of Sliding Door Will Amaze You – Source: decorinspiratior.com

3. Japanese Style Sliding Door

In Japan, sliding doors are a tradition and always exist in every traditional house in Japan. The main ingredient for Japanese-style sliding doors is wood with symmetrical checkered panels.

Japanese room screens

Japanese room screens – Source: freerssfeed.org

Japanese style of interior

Japanese style of the interior – Source: householdforeach.com

Shoji Screen Style Doors

Shoji Screen Style Doors – Source: castlecreations.biz

Well, from the sliding door above, which one do you like the most? Do not forget to adjust the type of door to the type of interior of your home.

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