10 Beautiful Kitchen Dish Rack Designs For Smart Mother

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The kitchen can be considered as one of the busy rooms at home every day. Mothers spend most of their time in the kitchen cooking delicious and nutritious dishes for all other family members. Of course, cooking requires a variety of kitchen utensils such as pans, pans, spoons, plates, and so on.

Various kitchen utensils need to be allocated to an adequate storage area to avoid cooking difficulties. Mother is also facilitated by knowing the exact location of each tool needed. Moreover, mothers certainly need to pay attention to the design of the kitchen when determining what is needed to arrange the kitchen neatly.

Kitchen Dish Rack Designs

Kitchen Dish Rack Designs

The dish rack is the right choice to help smart mothers manage kitchen equipment. Unlike the name, the plate rack has another function than just arranging plates.

Look at the following dish rack so you can determine the dish rack that is suitable for your kitchen.

1. Beautiful Dish Rack With A Water Container

When flowing water after washing, of course, you want to avoid accidents that might occur due to water droplets that spread in the kitchen area. This dish rack may be a classic type of dish rack but this simple design is practical with a special tray to hold water. On one side of the tray, there is a small path where stored water will flow to the sink of the dishwasher. This dual function plate rack can also accommodate other kitchen appliances such as glasses and cutlery. A simple idea, but it certainly helps smart mothers to improve the efficiency of the kitchen.

Beautiful dish rack

Beautiful dish rack – source: id.geoprivacyhelper.com

Brabantia Dish Rack

Brabantia Dish Rack – source: interismo.com

2. Built-in Dish Rack

Want furniture in the kitchen to be in line with other interiors but start to lack space for kitchen equipment? Choose a built-in dish rack with a design and size that can be adjusted to your kitchen interior. Open built-in dish rack can be the right choice to display various dishes and other tableware that you have so that it can function as a kitchen decoration too.

Built in plate rack

Built in plate rack – source: pinterest.com

Dish rack ideas

Dish rack ideas – source: kitchen.ezyummy.com

3. Rack Wooden Wall Plates

Turning to an unconventional plate rack design, you can use wall shelves that are usually used for display and decoration as a dish rack. As a shelf for displaying other kitchen utensils, this wooden dish rack also brings natural warmth and nuance into the kitchen. The simple design makes this dish rack suitable for placement in a vintage or rural kitchen.

Dishes Shelves picture

Dishes Shelves picture – source: woodfurniturewiki.com

Vintage wooden plate rack

Vintage wooden plate rack – source: woodfurniturewiki.com

4. Stainless Steel Plate Rack

Dish racks made of stainless steel will make your kitchen look more elegant and professional like an upscale restaurant kitchen. This stainless steel material is an ideal furniture material for kitchens that are prone to drastic humidity and temperature when cooking. With a modern design, this dish rack consists of several bulkheads that can be used to display small plates, glasses, washcloths, and decorations. Equipped with hooks for hanging glasses, scissors, and other kitchen utensils, this dish rack will save space and also help smart mothers arrange kitchen equipment according to their needs.

Ideal Stainless Steel Plate Rack Small

Ideal Stainless Steel Plate Rack Small – source: roccommunitysummit.org

Stainless Steel Plate Rack

Stainless Steel Plate Rack – source: pinterest.ru

5. Hanging Plate Racks For Wider Space

Hanging plate racks can be a mainstay to get more cooking space. With hooks that can be added as needed, this hanging rack design can be raised or reduced as needed. In addition to looking neat and unique, this hanging dish rack is equipped with different size partitions so that it can display various shapes and sizes of kitchen equipment owned. A flexible position helps store almost all kitchen objects to minimize the need for other storage space.

Hanging dish rack

Hanging dish rack – source: m.lightinthebox.com

Hanging Plate Rack

Hanging Plate Rack – source: bellezzakitchenstudio.com

Of course, all types of dish racks are unique and attractive with their respective features. Smart mother, don’t forget to choose a plate rack that is suitable for your kitchen.


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