10 Amazing Minimalist Window Design Ideas For Your Comfort Home

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Minimalist style is still well-known today and affects almost all design industries. Minimalist style can be said to be growing influenced by the De Stijl movement (1910-1930s) and influenced by Japanese architecture.

The minimalist movement in the field of architecture is reinforced by figures such as Buckminster Fuller and Mies van der Rohe. This last name is very extensive in using concrete, metal, and metal, which has a very strong influence on the architecture of modern minimalist buildings and homes – including in the window’s profile style.

Minimalist Window Design Ideas

Minimalist Window Design Ideas

For those of you who are looking for a minimalist window inspiration to make the house feel more spacious and refreshed, here are a few examples.

1. Minimalist Window For Relieved Master Bedroom

You can make the impression of seamless – fused between the inside of the house and the outside – by using a minimalist window model like this model designed by Wahana Architects. The main bedroom of the house in the Cipete area, South Jakarta, looks spacious with minimalist glass-metal windows. Overall impression? You can imagine how peaceful it is to wake up and stare at the shady and beautiful outdoor.

Beautiful Rooms with Glass Windows

Beautiful Rooms with Glass Windows – source: thesmartmarketing.me

Minimalist Bedroom images

Minimalist Bedroom images – source: lining-shop.info

2. Minimalist Window For The Family Room

In addition to the bedroom, there may not be a higher level of occupancy than a family room. A relieved window can add freshness and provide abundant natural light. Minimalist window placement by the architectural bureau Simple Projects Architecture provides further benefits. The window in the family living room in Pakuwon Indah (Surabaya) is a sweet visual point, becoming a picture window that allows the residents to get a refreshing outdoor organic touch.

Beautiful Home Interior pics

Beautiful Home Interior pics – source: yandex.com

Corner with Window

Corner with Window – source: yandex.com

3. Minimalist Wooden Windows For Contemporary Modern Impression

Because nothing more solid gives the impression of warmth besides wood, try adding a minimalist window to the wooden frame of your house. You get a simple but elegant and fresh and relieved impression, of course.

Wooden Windows Design

Wooden Windows Design – source: pinterest.ru

Wooden Windows

Wooden Windows – source: bittermannphotography.com

4. Tropical Windows For Modern Minimalist Houses

As an intermezzo, tropical windows are also suitable for making your minimalist home more attractive. The design of VA’astu Studio Architecture in this illustration can provide an appropriate inspiration. The thick retro impression of local windows from the 70s to 90s at this house makes this minimalist house look fresh and elegant.

Charming Home Window Design

Charming Home Window Design – source: citycollegeinc.com

Window Room

Window Room – source: www.household-decoration.com

5. Minimalist Contemporary Tropical Window

Contemporary minimalist windows are indeed simple in design, but still, give room to improvise. You get an awning window flanked by two stationary windows at the top and bottom. The result is a window that not only makes your home look relieved but also unique.

Minimalist Contemporary Tropical Window

Minimalist Contemporary Tropical Window – source: homedezen.com

Walls of glass

Walls of glass – source: onekindesign.com

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