9 Extraordinary IKEA Furniture and Accessories You Must Have

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Who does not know Ikea? Swedish brands around the world because of their unique furniture designs, creating trends and affordable prices. Although unique, Ikea is consistent with mass production. So much, sometimes it’s not easy to choose the right furniture for your home.

Choosing furniture that you will use as room decoration can be the most tiring and difficult task. The furniture you choose and not only has to be useful but also matches the style and color you need.

But choosing furniture can take a long time. And if you are considering owning your own furniture, it might be a lot easier. Manufacturers, carpenters and craftsmen can easily make the model of your choice according to the features you want.

Ikea Spotlight Living Room

Ikea Spotlight Living Room

Through this one book of ideas, you can find inspirational furniture as your home decoration, exclusive from Ikea and ready to complete your home.

1. IKEA Living Room Furniture

The living room filled with Ikea furniture clearly looks stylish with additional decorations such as flowers, cushioning and the right paint colors.

IKEA Living Room Furniture

IKEA Living Room Furniture – source: yandex.com

Ikea Living Room

Ikea Living Room – source: ikea.com

Living Room Furniture Ideas Ikea

Living Room Furniture Ideas Ikea – source: pinterest.ru

2. IKEA Drawer Cabinet

This drawer is one of the icons of the Ikea brand. Suitable for baby’s room, children’s room, teenagers and adults. These drawers are available in various sizes and there are also various types of furniture, such as beds, cupboards, nightstand and others.

Furniture ikea Drawers

Furniture ikea Drawers – source: jmsanlucar.org

HEMNES Chest of drawers

HEMNES Chest of drawers – source: en.ikea-club.org

IKEA drawers furniture

IKEA drawers furniture – source: za.pinterest.com

3. IKEA Spotlights

At Ikea, you can also find a choice of lamps with various shapes and colors. The spotlight model is the Ikea design that is the easiest to find because of its very unusual design. There is also a white version. This lamp can be inserted in the bedroom or in the living room or dining room.

Ikea Scandinavian dining room

Ikea Scandinavian dining room – source: lanaroseinteriors.co.uk

Ikea Spotlight Living Room

Ikea Spotlight Living Room – source: piitgroup.com

spotlight ceiling light

spotlight ceiling light – source: flotecno.co

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