8 Gorgeous Minimalist Kitchen Designs For Better Cooking

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Most people who have just occupied a new house want a minimalist kitchen concept by arranging it in such a way, but over time we start adding a lot of things so that it looks less neat.

The kitchen, as its function for cooking or preparing food, should be adjusted from the color of the furniture, lighting, and safety. Any size kitchen will look amazing as long as we can manage it well and neatly.

Minimalist Kitchen Designs

Minimalist Kitchen Designs

Here are 8 amazing minimalist kitchen designs to try.

1. Minimalist Black Kitchen Design

The black color, in general, gives the impression of elegance, it never hurts if we also use this color combined with gray for our kitchen. And we can also give decorative plants either live or ornamental at an angle to give a calming effect, also do not forget the lighting settings with charming LED lights.

Best Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

Best Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas – source: za.pinterest.com

2. Minimalist White Kitchen Design

In contrast, we can also design our kitchen with white choices. This color will give a clean and calm effect. But we can provide more decoration of living plants to add to the beauty of this kitchen design. Although the incoming light is not too much, with a white effect, the room feels brighter and wider.

Minimalist Small Kitchen Designs

Minimalist Small Kitchen Designs – source: visualartideas.com

3. Neat Minimalist Kitchen

When we have arranged the use of colors that are similar to our kitchen, then we begin to think of neat furniture arrangement. We can arrange kitchen furniture for example by being close to each other, besides giving a neat effect it also makes it easier for us to clean it. Our minimalist kitchen will be comfortable to see.

Neat Minimalist Kitchen

Neat Minimalist Kitchen – source: pinterest.jp

4. Minimalist Kitchen Design with Marble

Massey and Gaberlavage develop your home with a kitchen as a center, understand wisely that the kitchen will be one of the most used places in the house. Neatly arranged white tiles, some parts made of marble, and greenery perfectly match the gray walls for perfect color balance, allowing the room to transition from sunny mornings to dark nights.

Minimalist Kitchen Design with Marble

Minimalist Kitchen Design with Marble – source: dovizyeri.com

5. Use of Carpets in the Kitchen

Kitchen equipped with carpet? Who is afraid. There will be no harm if the rug is installed in the kitchen area. Yes, of course, we also have to be prepared with all the consequences such as being hit by spills or oil. The solution to using carpet in the kitchen, of course, by diligently cleaning it.

Minimalist Kitchen with Carpet

Minimalist Kitchen with Carpet – source: blakesoverheaddoor.com

6. Washing Place Design

Washing places are one of the things that cannot be separated from the kitchen. Kitchen area sinks are generally good, there are 2 tanks where one is used for washing using water and soap while the other is for drying the furniture. Do not forget also we should give a mat around the sink so that the water splashed onto the floor is not slippery so that it reduces comfort itself.

Kitchen Sink Backs Up Into Other Side

Kitchen Sink Backs Up Into Other Side – source: mentrends.info

7. The perfection of Minimalist Kitchen Designs

In addition to cooking utensils, of course, we also need a cupboard that we put in the kitchen, whether it’s a cupboard or cupboard that is on the table. One color that we can choose for a cupboard in a kitchen with a modern minimalist look is light blue. Adjust the color of the kitchen floor so that it will be seen fused in it.

The perfection of Minimalist Kitchen Designs

The perfection of Minimalist Kitchen Designs – source: allstateloghomes.com

8. Placement of Bar Chairs in Minimalist Kitchens

We can add bar stools as accessories on the side of the table to prepare cooked dishes. In addition to saving space because we can use it as a dining table as well as adding a different sensation than we enjoy at the dinner table.

Norwegian kitchen minimalism

Norwegian kitchen minimalism – source: uprise-art.herokuapp.com

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