14 Beautiful Living Room Interior Decorations You Need To Know

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In Western architecture, a living room, also called a lounge or sitting room, is a room in a residential house or apartment to relax and socialize. Rooms like this are sometimes called the front room when near the main entrance in front of the house.

Because this is the place for the first time guests enter, it is not surprising that the decoration of small and large living rooms is of concern to many homeowners. In addition to choosing beautiful furniture or sofas, adding various accessories will enhance the appearance of your simple living room decor.

Living Room Interior Decorations

Living Room Interior Decorations

Here are some beautiful decorations that you can try.

1. Bookshelves

Take advantage of bookshelves to support the decoration of your living room. With a contrasting color selection, it makes the living room look more elegant.

coloured bookshelves

colored bookshelves – source: lago.it

The Best Havertys Bookcases

The Best Havertys Bookcases – source: jsourcery.com

2. Carpets

Decorations that are often used by people to beautify various rooms in the house are carpets. Choosing the right style, material, and color will further beautify your living room.

Colorful Carpets

Colorful Carpets – source: carpetmantra.wordpress.com

Modern Mediterranean Carpets

Modern Mediterranean Carpets – source: aliexpress.com

3. Transparent Wall

Today many people intentionally replace concrete walls with transparent glass. Besides getting a broad impression, this is also done so that residents can easily look out. If your living room is surrounded by transparent glass, you can maximize the garden to make the appearance of the living more vibrant.

Home Glass Wall

Home Glass Wall – source: tambov.pro

minimal glass wall

minimal glass wall – source: minimal-windows.co.uk

4. Plants

Green plants can not only refresh the eyes and air but also can beautify your living room. Put one or two plants in the corner and the living room will feel fresher.

Decorate the Living Room

Decorate the Living Room – source: trasher.info

Living Room Decorating ideas

Living Room Decorating ideas – source: knittystash.com

5. Chandelier

Pendant lamps usually stick to classic designs. However, there is nothing wrong with decorating your living room with a chandelier to make it look more beautiful.

Chandelier In Living Room

Chandelier In Living Room – source: csmhas.com

Rustic Living Room Chandelier

Rustic Living Room Chandelier – source: pcsm.info

6. Photos

If you like photography, there’s nothing wrong with framing your photo collection to be displayed in the living room.

Living Room Wall Gallery

Living Room Wall Gallery – source: carolinacouture.com

sitting room gallery

sitting room gallery – source: do-design.info

7. Painting

There is no need for something expensive and complicated, a painting that fits the feel of the house can support the appearance of your living room.

Cherry Blossoms Wall Art Oil Painting

Cherry Blossoms Wall Art Oil Painting – source: dreamhomedecormd.com

Colorful Wall Decor

Colorful Wall Decor – source: sudaak.org

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