12 Best Home Garage Designs For Favorite Occupancy

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At present urban communities are accustomed to parking their four-wheeled vehicles in front of their houses or on the roadside, especially for residents living in residential complexes.

Car parking on the side of the road is very disturbing public interest, so we should have a garage of our own to park our favorite vehicles safely.

Home Garage Designs

Home Garage Designs

To build a house garage, you need to know some concepts of different house garage models, unique to the house garage that looks elegant for your favorite vehicle. Check out some of the garage models that you can sample!

1. Underground House Garage

Having an underground house garage that doesn’t look can be a brilliant idea. Especially if you have a luxury car at a pretty fantastic price. By parking it in an underground house garage can prevent your vehicle from being targeted by thieves.

Besides not being seen, the concept of an underground house garage can also save the land. Unlike the house garage in general, the underground garage house uses an automatic door design that will take your car to the parking lot in the underground part of your house.

car hoists for home garage

car hoists for the home garage – source: globex.top

Underground Garage Lift

Underground Garage Lift – source: eemcnow.net

Underground Garage Ramp to House

Underground Garage Ramp to House – source: saktidesain.com

2. Simple Home Garage

If you like a simple design concept, this one model garage is suitable for your home. Country house garage with bamboo canopy and wooden structure. The roof is shaded by bamboo, making the tiles exposed to sunlight to form a certain pattern that is naturally beautiful and offers comfort. The floor can be coated with cement without ceramics.

Country house garage

Country house garage – source: lalafo.kg

simple design concept

simple design concept – source: casaeconstrucao.org

Simple home garage

Simple home garage – source: homify.com.my

3. Home Garage Side Yard

One of the most common areas used to make a home garage is on land or a minimalist home page. Although the size is not too wide, the land beside the house generally has a size that is long enough so that it is right to be used as a home garage. If you have unused land next to the house, it doesn’t hurt if you use it as a cool garage.

a cool garage

a cool garage – source: livinspaces.net

Home garage side yard

Home garage side yard – source: liveinternet.ru

the land beside the house

the land beside the house – source: relaxedoutdoorliving.com.au

4. Split Level House Garage

Even though you have a narrow home page, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a home garage. One of the solutions is to build housing with a split-level house concept. The concept of a split level can also be applied to the design of a home garage.

Split level house garage

Split level house garage – source: architecturaldesigns.com

split level house concept

split level house concept – source: binbambom.info

The concept of a split level

The concept of a split level – source: homedit.com

Those are some cool and unique home garages that you can try to apply to your favorite dwelling. Don’t be afraid to try out a unique and different garage model!

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