12 Awesome Children’s Cabinets Designs That Make Your Child Organize The Toys Easily

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Over time, my beloved little one grew bigger. Not only food needs, but the need for clothing is also increasing. Therefore, a child needs a cupboard to store his favorite clothes.

Providing a children’s wardrobe for babies has several benefits. Your child will have a special storage area for his clothes. In addition, the presence of children’s cabinets can train babies to be responsible for what they have and arrange clothes more neatly without your help.

Children's Cabinets Designs

Children’s Cabinets Designs

This time, we will share inspiration for the children’s clothing model that you can enter into your child’s bedroom. The following children’s cabinets have attractive colors and different designs than usual. Guaranteed your little one likes it!

1. Children’s Wardrobe With Many Drawers

If the wardrobe usually only consists of doors, this child’s closet has a unique design. On the left side, there are two doors to hang clothes in the closet. On the right, you can see several drawers with different heights. Above the drawer, there is an open shelf.

Distribution of cabinets into several different locations certainly makes it easy for you to dedicate the type of clothes your child has to different places such as in a drawer or on a shelf. Children will be able to learn to return items to the correct storage according to their categories.

This children’s wardrobe is very suitable to be placed in a small room because the size is not too large. In addition, this cabinet, which is dominated by white and blue, does not look stiff because of the curved curve followed by the doorknob.

Blue and white cabinet

Blue and white cabinet – source: ikea.com

Children cabinet with more drawers

Children’s cabinet with more drawers – source: pinterest.ru

Unique children's cabinets

Unique children’s cabinets – source: collaborativeconsumptionindonesia.wordp

2. Children’s Cabinets That Follow The Walls Of The Room

To make the room look more attractive, you can build children’s clothes to follow the shape of the walls of the room. By having many doors, your little one can store many things besides his clothes, such as bags. On the right side of the closet, there is a shelf for putting books.

Children’s cabinets like this have enough space to store your small things. However, this closet can only be used in a spacious room so that the wardrobe accent can be seen. Rooms that are guaranteed to be neat and children will be more active in tidying their clothes.

Childrens Bedroom Furniture

Children’s Bedroom Furniture – source: wiringforum.com

Kids Bedroom Design

Kids Bedroom Design – source: hompri.blogspot.com

Yellow and Blue Bedrooms

Yellow and Blue Bedrooms – source: ideasonthemove.com

3. Built-in Child Model Cabinets

Not only can cabinets be moved, but the children’s wardrobe can also be an alternative. The room will look wider. Your little one can also store more clothes and accessories and of course, it’s neater because of the many storefronts.

If you are interested in using a child’s clothing model like this, don’t forget to use a transparent cupboard door to make it easier for your child to look for items. In addition, you also have to remind your child often to clean the cupboard to keep it clean and not shorten the age of his favorite clothes.

Built in cabinet

Built-in cabinet – source: pinterest.ru

Wardrobes Gallery

Wardrobes Gallery – source: joat-london.co.uk

Smart and fun cabinet

Smart and fun cabinet – source: alrio.info

4. Wooden Cabinets And Beds

Try using this multifunctional children’s clothing model. The bed is located in the middle surrounded by cabinets and shelves. Furniture models like this will really help you save space.

What is unique about this children’s wardrobe is that it is capable of bringing classic natural nuances without the help of other furniture. This is because the cupboard is made of wood so that it still looks a little typical tree motif. Plus, the golden door handle on each cupboard door makes it more elegant. This cabinet is suitable for you to use for your child who has a classy personality.

Bunk Beds for Small Spaces

Bunk Beds for Small Spaces – source: www.simpleandsweets.com

multifunctional child wardrobe model

multifunctional child wardrobe model – source: blograma.com

wooden white bunk bed

wooden white bunk bed – source: blackroostercreations.com

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