10 Sturdy And Artistic Wood TV Table Designs That You Will Fall In Love

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There are many activities you can do during family gatherings on weekends. One of them, you can play the latest movies with your family through TV to strengthen relationships between family members, satisfy hobbies, and add the latest information.

For more comfortable viewing and your family activities, a special table is needed to support the TV so that its position is ideal when seen by the eye. Thanks to the increasing demand, now furniture designs are increasingly diverse where you can buy wooden, glass to iron TV tables.

Artistic Wood TV Table Designs

Artistic Wood TV Table Designs

On the market, wood TV tables are furniture that is quite hunted because it has a series of advantages, such as being flexible to be placed in various interior concepts, sturdy, durable, and has a high aesthetic value. Well, for information, we will review the design of a wooden TV table that you can use in a residential area.

1. Wooden TV Table With Shelves And Open Drawers

Appearing aesthetically with natural wood colors, this wooden TV table has a natural feel that is very charming. Not only has a trendy look, but this TV table is also very functional because it has an open shelf to facilitate the storage of multimedia devices such as DVDs and gaming devices, as well as additional storage cabinets to be used to put various objects neatly.

With shelves

With shelves – source: cakestandlady.com

Open drawer

Open drawer – source: pinterest.ru

2. Wooden TV Table With Sliding Door

If you prioritize durability, then this one wood TV table can be chosen because it is made of solid wood. Simple to look so it is suitable to be placed in an interior with a modern and minimalist concept, this wood TV table has dimensions that are not classified as high as around 50 cm so that the TV can be positioned parallel to the sofa and can accommodate watching activities while sitting comfortably. More interestingly, there is also a storage rack on a wooden TV table with a sliding cover that is ready to make it easier for you to store various types of devices and makes storing various objects neat.

Awesome Sliding Tv Stand

Awesome Sliding Tv Stand – source: furnitureinredsea.com

Sliding barn door tv stand

Sliding barn door tv stand – source: brandgap.co

3. Elegant Black Wood TV Table

If you are bored with the look of natural chocolate, you can bring a luxurious feel by placing this one wood TV table. Contemporary in style, this wood TV table comes with a layer of black paint that is very unique and elegant so it is suitable to be placed in a luxurious concept room. Offering guaranteed durability thanks to a combination of solid wood, MDF and metal, this wood TV table is also very easy in the installation process because it is supported by a knockdown system.

Dining Room Console

Dining Room Console – source: savedogemas.com

Elegant TV table

Elegant TV table – source: guide.alibaba.com

4. Wood TV Table With Glass Combination

Shown contemporary with shades of white, this wood TV table is ready to beautify the residential interior with a minimalist concept. Although simple in style, this wooden TV table is equipped with large storage space, including additional glass, making it suitable for those who want to show off collections such as books or dolls in the viewing room.

Combine with glass

Combine with glass – source: jardesens.com

Unique TV Stand

Unique TV Stand – source: pinterest.ru

5. The Contrast Of The Color Of A Wood TV Table

Made from particle board, this wood TV table is ready to sweeten a mini-sized room because of its very compact size. Although the appearance is very simple, this wooden TV table is also equipped with a storage drawer, wheels to facilitate the transfer process and the use of oranges that are very striking so that they are ready to become an attractive place in your room.

Minimalist TV design

Minimalist TV design – source: id.geoprivacyhelper.com

Orange TV stand

Orange TV stand – source: arqhys.com

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